Saturday, July 14, 2012

How I admire the countryside in Ohio

Today is the most exciting and fascinating of all of these days in Ohio. We went to the countryside in Ohio inhabited by those people who lived as their ancestors did in the past. The Amish people don't use electricity, telephones, automobiles, televisions and cell phones in their daily life. As we can see, they lived a life very peaceful, all the Amish love their families, I think their happiness based on their self-dependence and freedom. I admire them very much, how I hope that I can live a peaceful and free life as they do one day.

The most interesting thing is that I saw many horses on the farm, I love horse very much. They were kind to people when we touched them gently. But I was so sad to see that those horses  belonged to the farm, they had no freedom to run freely in the grasslands, they only could be alive for twenty years. When we sat in the buggy touring around the farm, we were told that the horse was nearly sixteen years old,  it means that it should work to death.
On our way home, XIAO YA said she wanted to be a farmer as the Amish did in the future, I can understand her, because I believe everyone loves freedom and peace, if we can live together with our family in an area where is full of happiness, peace and freedom when we become old people, I think it's the last expectation of people's life. I love it !

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