Sunday, July 8, 2012

Presentation subjects and groups for Sunrises and Presentations

 ****You will notice that there is a prompt for your Presentation project at the back of your WTOSP Workbook.  Please read that prompt for ideas on how to prepare for your project. 

Presentations and project subjects for WuDa Teams

Team                                    Presentation subjects

WuDa Team 1            The Ohio Statehouse
WuDa Team 2            Christopher Columbus statue
WuDa Team 3            The Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium)
WuDa Team 4            Freedom Center and bridge to Kentucky
WuDa Team 5            Brushstrokes in Flight by Roy Lichtenstein
WuDa Team 6            Ginevra de’ Benci
WuDa Team 7            The Liberty Bell
WuDa Team 8            Independence Hall
WuDa Team 9            The Washington Monument
WuDa Team 10            The U.S Capital Building
WuDa Team 11            Arlington National Cemetary and Tomb of Unknown Soldier
WuDa Team 12            Oval with Points
WuDa Team 13            The White House
WuDa Team 14            The Statue of Liberty
WuDa Team 15            The Empire State Building
WuDa Team 16            Freedom Tower, World Trade Center
WuDa Team 17            Bethesda Fountain and Central Park
WuDa Team 18            Times Square and NY Times Building
WuDa Team 19            The Brooklyn Bridge

Team Members
WuDa Team 1            Lisa Tong and Chloe            Chen           
WuDa Team 2            Cindy Wang and Safiya Su
WuDa Team 3            Kid Chan and Bobby Guan
WuDa Team 4            Mike Cong and Tony Lu
WuDa Team 5            Elsa Wang and Cookie Lei           
WuDa Team 6            Anna Niu and Betty Chen and Mikko Dong
WuDa Team 7            Joe Yu and Sigurd Zhou
WuDa Team 8            Laura Liu and Iris Ma
WuDa Team 9            Lluvia Peng and Wing Liu
WuDa Team 10            Neo Lei and Steven Sun
WuDa Team 11            Noah Zhang and Alex Liu
WuDa Team 12            Bonnie Ding and Amy Xu
WuDa Team 13            Nicci Jiang and Julia Li
WuDa Team 14            Lock Xu and Sophie Liu
WuDa Team 15            Allen Xue and Tom Liu
WuDa Team 16            Simon Wang and Franklin Fu
WuDa Team 17            Sidney Zhu and Evelyn Liu
WuDa Team 18            Leon Han and Frank Xu
WuDa Team 19            Aaron Lin and Boby Yuan

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