Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's JOE

   Hi, guys! I'm Joe, an outgoing boy from HUNAN province where people is crazy about spicy food so much. My chinese name is JINGDONG YU. Believe it or not, my major is philosophy, a fascinating subject at least for me, and I really hope to study it in U.S. Also, I'm a sports enthusiast that basketball, volley ball are my favorite. I'd like to enjoy the game if you guys ask me out.
   This is the first time I visit America, I was shocked by the advanced technology and lawful Americans. Besides, O.S.U. is great university that is a really good place for research.
   I think I'll benefit a lot from this program and make acquaintance with my kind and interesting friends. Hope we all enjoy this summer!
                                                           Posted by JOE~
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