Sunday, July 8, 2012

Greeting from Xining

      Hello, my fellow Wuhan University students! Welcome to United States. My name is Xining Yang. You can also call me George. I am a second year Ph.D student studying Geography in Ohio State University. I graduated from Wuhan University in 2008. I miss Wuhan University very much, especially the delicious food around the campus.

     It is my great honor to join you all in this exciting summer program. I will work with Dave, who teaches Geography here, to give you an overview of United States' geography. I hope we will have a great time together later.

     Here is a map about the places you will visit during this trip.

View 2012 Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program in a larger map


  1. George (Xining), thank you so much for posting to our blog and we'll look so forward to seeing you next week in your teaching session with Dave Schul. We appreciate your efforts and I know the WTOSP students will be happy to see a successful Wuhan U alumni!

  2. hello,alumnus xining, I really glad to see you,because,I think that maybe we are major in the same department when you are undergraduate,geographical information system.Could tell me a little more information about the graduate school in this major of osu,thank you so much,this is my gmail address am looking forward that you can write to me soon.