Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13rd Alex Liu

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center give me deep impression.When I was in China I hear about the slaves suffered a lot of suffering.But I had never known the pain and the hope of slaves.At that dark time they did not be as the real human ,just three fifth human.So they had no basic human rights.Slaves were some items of their owner,they could not get clean house ,education and the most important thing in the world ,the freedom.They tried to against the owner,but there were just very few slaves win the fights,any other slaves would be killed with their families ,if we can called them families.

Although the slaves suffered a lot of suffering,they also had the hope.Slaves tried to escape from the cages,so they though the dark Ohio river at dark night to the other side of the river where had the hopeful fire.They wanted to get freedom ,even if the sacrifice of life.

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  1. The emotion is so impressive and strong that hardly can I suffered. However, it is a great show that present us a whole clear history. A nice trip!