Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Iris

Yes, I'm Iris, and my Chinese name is Xiao Ma. I know it's such a flat opening, but we can't expect special all the time, right? You see, even life consists mostly of common things, too. However, life changes,and change brings highlights. I hope that we meet each other and we meet here at OSU will lead changes to our life. Now that we have met here, our journey of uniqueness is going on. And I guess we are all ready to change our life. I'm a junior student of computer science, but don't ask me about how to repair computers or how to use a software because we really don't learn that(I may know softwares you'll never need though). I like sports especially table tennis and running. If you have seen a quiet me, then, that's just what you 'see'😁. I like books and animals, hmmmm, books about animals for sure. Although I am in a greater grate than most of students here, but hey, I have a young heart~~

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