Monday, July 9, 2012

Irene's first post

Hi! This is Irene Lohre.  These programs are full of excitement things to me. I felt so glad to be a part of some activities sometimes because in this way I am able to help my husband.

I came from the southern Philippines and am now happily married to Mike who's managing this program, as we were married March 17. I finished my degree as Bachelor of Elementary Education major in English but i haven't used my profession yet. I am planning to apply a job here as a teacher someday.

I love being here in United States even though that there are times that I feel a little bit homesick. For me, it's natural and I thank God because He strengthens me always. I would like to thank my husband too and all our friends for everything.

I look forward to get to know you students better on the East Coast trip and I hope we can have a wonderful and safe time together.  Can't wait!

God bless us all!!

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