Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Different Kind of Government

   Actually,I don't know very well about the government system of the USA even now,but I still learn something new from today's experiences.Different from China,the  most notable characteristic of the USA government is seperate power which turns out to have the bicameral system.There is no relationship between judiciary,executive,legislative,except that they are all chosed by citizens and work for citizens' rights.Am I right?
   As for gorvenment system,although there are definitely many diferences between America and China , still there are at least one thing in common,they are all concerned about people.In China,It is people who choose the leaders of China and it is same in America.Actually I believe that people are beyond  any government.That's why an old Chinese saying said that "What people are to Government ,what water is to ships,for the water supporting a ship can also upset it ."And that's why Americans can have guns.

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