Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some feelings in OSU theses days

Seven days have past since we arrived at OSU.Beautiful fireworks,happy shopping experiences,helpful classes,wonderful RPAC,unforgetful zoo trip...I was very happy these days with all the classmates and teachers. Through the activities,I found Americans very friendly and warm-hearted.There are Americans greeting you with a smile wherever you go.When we ask them for directions,they answer us very patiently.Furthermore,they are very polite,for example,drivers will stop at a distance if the pedestrians are in their ways,in Wuhan,you know,drivers and pedestrians always compete for the road space,so there is always a heavy traffic....>_< American people's hospitality warms my heart and let me feel at home. About OSU,it is a very beautiful school.It's clean everywhere and buildings have their own styles.The Ohio Student Union is a good place for relaxing,studying and communicating with others.RPAC is a wonderful place for sports.And the dormitory is much better than that in WHU...-_-# We can see the students in OSU have a very colorful campus life and they can always find a place to do what they want to do.I like OSU! Yesterday Brieanne had a class with us about food culture in America.I'm very interesting in food culture.I found that people in America attach more importance to atmosphere than food itself.Actually I have not got used to American food these days,but I believe that American food culture has many things for me to learn and I'll try it. Let's enjoy the next seven days in OSU^_^

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