Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i'd like to send some picture of shanghai

when i got home i found it was hard to get access to google blog...
however i found some method to solve the problem and shared it with our teammates
and this time i'd like to send some pictures of shanghai. i hope Mike and other friends of us can see them
the night view of shanghai is very wonderful...however my cell phone can't take  clear pictures..
i sent the pictures to http://www.tripntale.com and linked the picture here
because of some technical reason i have to do so...


it start from... a ... goose。。。
i found the goose in front of a restaurant...( i hope the picture will work)

here is some pictures i took in The Band
there are many buildings like the American ones
these pictures are near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, it was the landmark of Shanghai

in this picture, there is a building looked like a bottle opener, which has a rectangle space on the top part of building, it's the tallest building now in shanghai named Shanghai World Financial Center

this building named Asia Mansion,it's an old building

here is Nanjing Pedestrian Road it's a paradise for shopping if you don't care about the money thing

actually there are a lot of other places in Shanghai but i haven't taken photos ...i will share them sometime later

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love NY

The first time I went to NYC was the day when we arrived at US. It was at night and I didn’t have too much impression since I was too tired after the long trip. After today’s hanging around, I believe I like this city.
We visited the statue of liberty in the morning. After lunch I just walked and enjoyed the buildings in Manhattan with Kid, Aaron and Alan. Then later we went to the Top of the Rock and saw the whole view of the city.
One of the things I like most about the city is the stone building with beautifully-curved patterns. Those buildings look imposing and impressive with a taste of antiquity and a feeling of constant.
The other catching thing is the birds in streets. They are active and brave and they look for crumbs between stream of traffic and people. This is a wonderful feeling to see those lovely creatures.
There are only a few days left for this trip, I hope all students can enjoy them.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Love Philadelphia!

I really love this city!
Not only for its fascinating views,but also the atmosphere and familiar feeling recall me of my hometown.
And what makes the feeling stronger,one of my best friends is here.
We haven't seen each other for years,and it's really amazig for us to meet each other in a foreign country.
She told me that the climate here is resemble to Wuhan and the way people live is also like what we do in Wuhan.So she got used to the environment and life very soon when she came here.Haha~
I really enjoy today and Philadelphia makes the belief-studying in USA-even stronger!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog 3: Farewell Party

Yesterday, we had our farewell party at a Chinese restaurant. The party was great and everybody had a lot of fun. I took some pictures and I want to share them with you guys.

David Smith and I
 Mr.Smith is a very kind person, he talked to us about nearly two hours. It's my pleasure to meet you!

All of our teachers and leaders. Thank you for your hard work!We love you!

Susy and Chen Xi. You two are so beautiful!

Franklin, you are so funny! XD

Thanks for the lovely T-shirt! 

Hans, it seems that you had a lot of fun~

 Wang Ziqi showed us his new cloth yesterday. It's really interesting!:D

 Besides all those photos, I also record a video, of which four students were singing the song of Wuhan University.I'm not professional and I hope it's clear enough for you to enjoy the beautiful song.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A brief introduction to myself

Hi, everyone! I’m Mike; my Chinese name is Cong Hao. I majored in economics in Wuhan University. The days we spent in OSU are very fantastic, gradually I get used to the life on campus, and I love the university especially the people here. During the days in Columbus, Ohio, our group did a comparative study of city community health service and the dual-track system between China and America. We handed out the questionnaires to the students here and talked with Doctor Miller. They are pretty nice and we learn a lot about the health care system here.
Now we are about to leave OSU, hoping that everyone had a good time here. Never say goodbye to OSU!

Shakespeare In The Park

                          THEY REALLY DID A GOOD JOB!
   Last night,we saw The Merchant of Venice written by Shakespeare in Schiller Park.I found it was interesting,because people can just sat on the grass and watched the drama for free.In my hometown,there are few opportunity for people ,especially those who don't have much money, to see such kind of drama.You need to pay for it,and you have to go to the opera.I think Shakespeare in the park is a very great idea for it gives the chance to everyone equally to enjoy the joy produced by art.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

20120711 part two Aaron

20120711 Wetland visiting

This project attracts me most. Wetland research is really cool! What's more, it is all for environment and the future of Earth.
       The farm is large and what we have tour is the part of whole system, without the whole wetland. In research center, we got to know Professor Brown and his students. After that, we were carried by a "truck"

 then we going around by "truck"

It is a great fun to learn more. When talking with one student, I knew that this summer is unusal that it is much more hot and droughtful than ever before.

  the project
with the basin collecting the run-off that meanwhile being used as buffering area, wetland can clear by microorganism.

 after that, we are reaching our terminal of the journal. What has represented is great amazing that hardly can you imagine without being here.

All in all, WHAT A GREAT DAY!!

The greetings from Professor Hancock and some observations about Amish culture

I have written a personal statement and sent it to Professor Hancock.He replied me and gave many suggestions on my draft personal statement .
Also,he wrote that " Please express my warm greetings to everyone in the summer program as you prepare to return home, especially your Wuhan teachers for a safe and happy journey back home. Zai jian."That was really nice.So i decided to post it on the  blog to make sure the greetings are sent to everyone.
Yesterday,we went to the Amish Country and had a great time there.The animal below is called "Yangtuo" in Chinese.I don't know what it is called in English.I think it is a dorable animal because it always wears a naive and peaceful face.It is so lucky that i can see it in Amish Country.
The faith of Amish people impressed me a lot.They refused to use electrocity and any other modern facilities.They would rather spend more time hanging out with families than surf the Internet and make the phone call.They attach more importance to the face-to-face communication with people.It may be hard for young generations .As a result, about twenty percent of the youth chose the modern life style instead of the conservative life style.Even thouth,they show respect for different faith .They encourage people to believe in their religion.Meanwhile,they can understand the different choices.Their culture is compatible .I think that is the reason why Amish culture can exist so long .

Schiller Park and Shakespeare

Today we got to the Schiller Park,although most of us thought it's Shakespeare's park, and we watched a drama written by Shakespeare. The picture was shot there. However, it's easy to find out that my focus is not on the stage. It's not a mistake. What i want to convey is that people take Shakespeare as a entertainment. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is great, and his drama is elegant. many people think they are not fit to Shakespeare.
In my opinion it's not natural for people to be rejected by art, art is made for people, that's what art is. The drama is wonderful and attractive, but it doesn't mean people must sit formally there on a hard chair, look directly to the stage and listen very carefully, although they should do it if they want. 
We can see a lot of people sit on the comfortable chair, play with their dogs, whisper to each other, and walk around everywhere. I think they are really enjoying the art instead of be the slave of art.

Baseball Class Tomorrow

Hi everyone.
Tomorrow, at 9:30, I'll be teaching a class about baseball. I have taught literally thousands of Wuhan University students about baseball and I'm looking forward to teaching you, too. To do this, I'll need a little help. I want you to spend some time finding out about baseball before you come to class. Some questions I'll need you to answer:

How many players are on the field during a baseball game? What positions do they play?
How long is a baseball game?
What kind of skills do you need to play baseball?
How does a baseball team score a run?

After lunch, we'll go out an play baseball together--it should be a lot of fun. Monday night, you'll get to go to an actual professional baseball game in our beautiful downtown ballpark! If there's one thing I know about baseball, it's that the more you know about the game, the more you'll enjoy it. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How I admire the countryside in Ohio

Today is the most exciting and fascinating of all of these days in Ohio. We went to the countryside in Ohio inhabited by those people who lived as their ancestors did in the past. The Amish people don't use electricity, telephones, automobiles, televisions and cell phones in their daily life. As we can see, they lived a life very peaceful, all the Amish love their families, I think their happiness based on their self-dependence and freedom. I admire them very much, how I hope that I can live a peaceful and free life as they do one day.

The most interesting thing is that I saw many horses on the farm, I love horse very much. They were kind to people when we touched them gently. But I was so sad to see that those horses  belonged to the farm, they had no freedom to run freely in the grasslands, they only could be alive for twenty years. When we sat in the buggy touring around the farm, we were told that the horse was nearly sixteen years old,  it means that it should work to death.
On our way home, XIAO YA said she wanted to be a farmer as the Amish did in the future, I can understand her, because I believe everyone loves freedom and peace, if we can live together with our family in an area where is full of happiness, peace and freedom when we become old people, I think it's the last expectation of people's life. I love it !

Friday, July 13, 2012

Campus Information Hunt Team 8

   This was the first class we took in WPOSP.I should say that it was an interesting class and very useful as well.Unlukily,we just finished one of our tasks,but we surely found something interesting while we were hunting the information.
   Our task was Science and Engineering Library.Actually it was easy to know how to get there from the map,but it was difficult to get into the library for the library was being built at that time.Luckily,we found a man sat on the stone chair in front of the library reading newspaper,and asked him for help.When we entered the library,we got what we needed directly from the girl standing at the counter.She answered our question friendly.Then as we were all interested in the digital union which was on the third floor so we went upstairs.In the digital union,we found a girl working with her computer.We asked her why it was called digital union,cause we were all curious about that.But she missed our question and thought we were asking the way to Student Union.She was very enthusiastic a nd led us to the first floor showing the way to the Student Union.She even drew the way on our map.Though it wasn't our task,but thank you very much.
   Our second task was OIA.On the way to get there,we asked passerby how to get there ,and we added extra questions which we all wanted to know their opinions.For example,which one do you like best,James or Kobe.Well ,of course ,they gave us different answers.A family from Texas even talked a lot about football,interesting wasn't it?We don't see football games frequently in China.
Though we didn't have enough time to visit the OIA,we learned a lot from our wonderful exploration.

Group member:Sophie Liu,Chaomeng Lin,Zheng Xu,Tianyu Lei

the Ohio Historical Society Museum

Today is the SGO’s day! There were five small group activities today and I am lucky to participate two of them. On the morning, I went to the Bexley Elementary and High school with some of us. The school is very lovely and the principal was very kind. In the afternoon I went to the Ohio Historical Society Museum, which contains lots of funny things.

I want to talk about something about the Ohio Historical Society Museum because it was so nice that make me feel like our museums in China should really make some improvement.

First of all, there’s a shelf beside the door where contains many reading materials. So when people enter into the museum they can find out information about the museum and the exhibition immediately.

Secondly, the Ohio Historical Society Museum has many small screens and when you push the button below, the short video will be played and you can get information without bothering others. I know there are some museums have similar systems, but most of them still rely on guiders to introduce the museum and give out information. This is not efficient at all because the guiders have to repeat same words day by day, which makes their job bored. And visitors can not explore their own way to tour because they may not get enough information without guiders.

And the last one, which is also the most impressing one, is about the village. The Ohio Historical Society Museum built up a village to tell people how’s it like to live in the 19th century! That is tremendous because this village is consisted of real functional buildings and people can walk into the rooms and sit on the chairs and imagine the life of their ancestors. Rick told me that to build a village like had took six or seven years and cost a lot of money. But I think it’s worthy because of the educational meaning. If this village did not exist, then I may not learn so much about people’s life back in 19th century. But now, I may never forget the village which show me how living is in earlier time for Americans.

Thanks for taking us to the museum! It’s a very nice experience.
Here's some pictures about the village.

This is the Ohio Village School.

What surprised me is that there's a small black board on every desk and some of them contains words, as if students have just finished their class.

These two are some inside stuffs in the Female Seminary. I met a lovely girl who dressed like a lady in old time. She told me that this is a school for girls who were born in wealth families. They came here to study how to be a real lady and eventually, became  good wives.
 Learn something everyday!

Blog From Lock

Hello everybody,I'm so sorry to write the self introduction so late,I'm Lock(徐璐),don't laugh at the strange name,i know you can remember it easily.
My hometown is Changsha,Hunan province,the firework in which is also as spectacular as that in Columbus.I'm really appreciated to make acquaintance with the friends in our team from Wuhan,and whom we met in Columbus,especially the guys in group C,you can also called us "GROUP CRAZY".Thank you for all of you!

                            WE ARE GROUP CRAZY!!!


I'm so sorry to upload the blog too late because of laziness...really sorry..I think this month is the happiest time of my one year of university life..It's wonderful to meet you here.Specifically,I want to say thanks to the senior sisters(学姐们)I met here,the life with you makes me understand many things which confused me for a long time,and i also have been learning from you...really thanks!!

P.S. There are something wrong with Lock's gmail,so I help her upload the blog.

The history educates us to advance

        As we all know,the slavery played an important role in the history of America. I think that everyone who went through it would remember it throughout their life. When we visited the national underground railroad freedom centre yesterday, I was impressed by the miserable experience of  slaves and their courage of seeking the freedom. Freedom means that you can do anything you want, go to anywhere you like. I can't imagine how to live without freedom, it's very very terrible. I feel very lucky that our ancestors fight to abolish slavery, and set the slaves free, so today, we can live in this world happily and freely. The burning flame is the symbol of  freedom, I hope this flame will go on forever.

         This afternoon, we visited the Ohio historical society, it's really ery interesting to see so many artifacts. I was mostly impressed with the large Mastodon skeleton in the main gallery.
Also, there are so many plants, animals, ceramics, furniture, woodenware, and metal ware. A wonderful village attracted us the most. People in this village told us stories in the past years, and tried to imitate life in the past to all of the visitors. I think history is the best textbook to show people how our  ancestors worked hard to make a better life for their children and children‘s children. We also can learn some valuable experience from them to make a great advance.

July 13rd Alex Liu

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center give me deep impression.When I was in China I hear about the slaves suffered a lot of suffering.But I had never known the pain and the hope of slaves.At that dark time they did not be as the real human ,just three fifth human.So they had no basic human rights.Slaves were some items of their owner,they could not get clean house ,education and the most important thing in the world ,the freedom.They tried to against the owner,but there were just very few slaves win the fights,any other slaves would be killed with their families ,if we can called them families.

Although the slaves suffered a lot of suffering,they also had the hope.Slaves tried to escape from the cages,so they though the dark Ohio river at dark night to the other side of the river where had the hopeful fire.They wanted to get freedom ,even if the sacrifice of life.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

20120711 Aaron


Today I receipted a gift from Dr.Charles Hancock.  It is named "My Grammar and I... Or Should That Be Me"  I was rewarded by my answer that the difference between Einstein's brain and ordinary's.
           In the class, Dr.Charles Hancock presented 9 intellegence style that divided smartness into several areas like mathmatical and logic, interpersonal, intrapersonal etc. It is useful that it interpreted different intellegence and made a conclusion that which kind we belonged to.
           However, things are not that perfect as we thought. I found that I am not outstanding in any part but almostly common in most parts. I was so confused until an idea hit me that every one is unique ,just be yourself. So I will spare no effort to realize myself  and the world more.

what is freedom

Today we've got to the Freedom Center.The Freedom Center is a place about the slaves. We've heard a lot of sad stories about the slaves. The slaves are abused terribly in the dark age, which enforces me thinking about the word of freedom.
Let's see the world in an eye of the slave owners. According to the introduction, i just think the owners treated the slaves just as how we treat animals. The slaves had no freedom,no human rights that time.
It's natural for us to think about how the world will be. We gave slaves human rights,   and slaves,which was just like animals that time, became a real person. So what will the animals be in the near future? We do have some organizations focusing on animal rights. They object to eat cats,dogs and make experiences on them. Will they get the equal rights as the human now? Or how can we tell the difference between animals and human?
Actually freedom is such a big word. We have a lot to do with it. What is freedom? How can we get freedom? How can get freedom as well as justice? Who should be freedom? There are so many problems to solve, and today is a really educational trip.

Campus Information Hunt of Group 4

This was the first class we took together in OSU in which, I (Iris), Franklin, Kid and Leon made up a team to participate in the information hunt activity.
We first went to the Orton Hall which is a beautiful building with stone walls and a tower. When we walked in, it was quite. We stood and looked around silently, and saw nobody in the hall. I noticed that the fans on the celling upon the stairs are made of elaborately-carved wood. Noticing that, in front of us behind the glass door, erected a skeleton of some kind of a large animal; we walked in and then found our interviewees.
We separated and chatted to two of them. The man told us that, he is a professor of another department and was bringing his children and family to visit this tiny museum filled with fossils and rocks. He introduced that this museum is for students of earth science. The large skeleton is a Megalonyi Jeffersoni Giant Ground Sloth. There is also a memorial library of Geology on the first floor.
The stone wall of this building is made of Hocking ralley red sandstone. The tower is a bell tower and it used to ring when class begins and ends. There are 24 pillars around the tower, on witch curved a different gargoyle which represents a different type of prehistoric animal life found. The other family members searched in the museum to help us, too. It was so nice to meet them. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hans' Sunrise 7/12

Hey everyone,
This is a transcript of the spoken word I am doing Thursday morning for the Sunrise.  Let me know if you have any questions.

the slurs that were said against me when i was a child, it makes me wild. [pause]
ching chong, china man.  the song replays within my head.
to call me names that make me hate who i am?
they don't have right, so i lie awake late into the night, thinking that tomorrow i will fight
i think of come backs and how i shall prevail, over the hate that is spread because my skin is pale.
and i retaliate and recipricate with a hate that becomes a caged rage
and this built up anger turns into anguish and thoughts of, why must i be asian?
so i loathe my classmates for having a white complexion
and here i am with my chinky eye'd asian connection
see, i was not taught by my parents to hate on another race based on physical traits that are a persons face
but society had other plans showing me stereotypes of my fellow man
and to these stereotypes you were expected to conform and to perform
to assimilate and immitate those who are of similar race [pause]
race is nothing but a man made concept based on hate
it was just a tool used by early slave traders to depreciate
the human beings that they bought and sold for profit and gain
race was used to justify the injustices and support prejudices
do not see me as a yellow, but rather a fellow [pause]
a fellow human being that is running alongside you in this race that is known as life.
see, all the struggles that you go through, and all the strife
i know exactly how it feels , and with these words, i bring it to light
the pressure of your peers peering down upon you
to do things you don't really want to
and just because i'm asian, don't think i do well in school
when i bring that report card home, i get yelled at too
my parents brag to me about their friends sons and daughters
he got a full ride, now she's getting a doctorette
why can't you be like them, stay home and study
instead of living your life, boy you so tiao pi
they just want the best for me coming to this country
and each time i fail i see the stares of a thousand family members thinking
this child is so spoiled he amounts to nothing, and my heart starts sinking [beat begins]
and i am shackled by the fear that i am not living up to expectations
as i continue on my path, i lose sight of who i am
i begin to chase the dreams of other people and thinking success is a paycheck with a bunch of zeroes
my childhood memories of being a superhero meets reality and becomes ashes
and my life becomes branded by numbers and dashes and i am one more data point in a system of corporations
i just want to be free from this conflagration
the idea of freedom has many meanings and connotations
to the slaves from back in the day, it was emancipation
going from three fifths of a person to five fiths, a whole
and not being owned by someone who also owned your soul
to those people who are repressed by corrupt governments, freedom means no more tyranny
because they're tired of being denied their civil rights
and to me, freedom means being true to yourself and your values
having the ability to fight for what you believe in, and not be inhibited by what others are thinking
so what does freedom mean to you and how shall you strive for it
i write these lyrics and i write these lines in hopes that someday i will find
my true identity and free myself
fear shall be no longer and i will grow stronger
and there will be no more failure because i will be living up to my expectations and not anyone else's
and i will be able to say scream out loud
"free at last, free at last, lord almighty i am free at last"

Let the world company us.

    We walked briskly in the night,with night's cloak to help us fly.We were singing an old song named <When> and there are words:Let the world company us,live chic and alive.

Thinking of the passed week,I feel that we have had a wonderful memory to store in our heads.
On our 2nd day,we spent a whole afternoon to play a map game.Our No.2 team started to look for 4 places in OSU.Although the sun is hot,we kept going and we saw a lot of wonderful things.First,the Orton Hall for geology amazed us!It has a giant sloth skeleton,which is the giantest skeleton I have ever seen.

After the Orton hall we went to the Mirror Lake.It is much more beautiful than the one in Wuhan University because the water is clean and there are teals everywhere.Man and nature live in harmony here.By the lake side,we felt refreshed.

I must talked about the American food!Before I come to USA,I thought I was in love with American food.But when I am here,I find that I am wrong.Some taste good but I still miss the food in my hometown!The photo below shows a sumptuous dinner.The pizzas really taste yummy!

We have decided to make a small video about these days Wuhanese in Ohio because we are so happy with our friends these days.There always are laughters and humors and we are very glad to have these good guys to spend youth together.

Just like the song in <Princess Pearl>:Let the world company us.