Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love NY

The first time I went to NYC was the day when we arrived at US. It was at night and I didn’t have too much impression since I was too tired after the long trip. After today’s hanging around, I believe I like this city.
We visited the statue of liberty in the morning. After lunch I just walked and enjoyed the buildings in Manhattan with Kid, Aaron and Alan. Then later we went to the Top of the Rock and saw the whole view of the city.
One of the things I like most about the city is the stone building with beautifully-curved patterns. Those buildings look imposing and impressive with a taste of antiquity and a feeling of constant.
The other catching thing is the birds in streets. They are active and brave and they look for crumbs between stream of traffic and people. This is a wonderful feeling to see those lovely creatures.
There are only a few days left for this trip, I hope all students can enjoy them.


  1. This was a great day!! I am so blessed that we can get together to have a such unforgettable travel!! I believe that there is no word that exist in any language to describe this kind of emotion!!!
    Group D! Delightful Group!!!