Saturday, July 14, 2012

How I admire the countryside in Ohio

Today is the most exciting and fascinating of all of these days in Ohio. We went to the countryside in Ohio inhabited by those people who lived as their ancestors did in the past. The Amish people don't use electricity, telephones, automobiles, televisions and cell phones in their daily life. As we can see, they lived a life very peaceful, all the Amish love their families, I think their happiness based on their self-dependence and freedom. I admire them very much, how I hope that I can live a peaceful and free life as they do one day.

The most interesting thing is that I saw many horses on the farm, I love horse very much. They were kind to people when we touched them gently. But I was so sad to see that those horses  belonged to the farm, they had no freedom to run freely in the grasslands, they only could be alive for twenty years. When we sat in the buggy touring around the farm, we were told that the horse was nearly sixteen years old,  it means that it should work to death.
On our way home, XIAO YA said she wanted to be a farmer as the Amish did in the future, I can understand her, because I believe everyone loves freedom and peace, if we can live together with our family in an area where is full of happiness, peace and freedom when we become old people, I think it's the last expectation of people's life. I love it !

Friday, July 13, 2012

Campus Information Hunt Team 8

   This was the first class we took in WPOSP.I should say that it was an interesting class and very useful as well.Unlukily,we just finished one of our tasks,but we surely found something interesting while we were hunting the information.
   Our task was Science and Engineering Library.Actually it was easy to know how to get there from the map,but it was difficult to get into the library for the library was being built at that time.Luckily,we found a man sat on the stone chair in front of the library reading newspaper,and asked him for help.When we entered the library,we got what we needed directly from the girl standing at the counter.She answered our question friendly.Then as we were all interested in the digital union which was on the third floor so we went upstairs.In the digital union,we found a girl working with her computer.We asked her why it was called digital union,cause we were all curious about that.But she missed our question and thought we were asking the way to Student Union.She was very enthusiastic a nd led us to the first floor showing the way to the Student Union.She even drew the way on our map.Though it wasn't our task,but thank you very much.
   Our second task was OIA.On the way to get there,we asked passerby how to get there ,and we added extra questions which we all wanted to know their opinions.For example,which one do you like best,James or Kobe.Well ,of course ,they gave us different answers.A family from Texas even talked a lot about football,interesting wasn't it?We don't see football games frequently in China.
Though we didn't have enough time to visit the OIA,we learned a lot from our wonderful exploration.

Group member:Sophie Liu,Chaomeng Lin,Zheng Xu,Tianyu Lei

the Ohio Historical Society Museum

Today is the SGO’s day! There were five small group activities today and I am lucky to participate two of them. On the morning, I went to the Bexley Elementary and High school with some of us. The school is very lovely and the principal was very kind. In the afternoon I went to the Ohio Historical Society Museum, which contains lots of funny things.

I want to talk about something about the Ohio Historical Society Museum because it was so nice that make me feel like our museums in China should really make some improvement.

First of all, there’s a shelf beside the door where contains many reading materials. So when people enter into the museum they can find out information about the museum and the exhibition immediately.

Secondly, the Ohio Historical Society Museum has many small screens and when you push the button below, the short video will be played and you can get information without bothering others. I know there are some museums have similar systems, but most of them still rely on guiders to introduce the museum and give out information. This is not efficient at all because the guiders have to repeat same words day by day, which makes their job bored. And visitors can not explore their own way to tour because they may not get enough information without guiders.

And the last one, which is also the most impressing one, is about the village. The Ohio Historical Society Museum built up a village to tell people how’s it like to live in the 19th century! That is tremendous because this village is consisted of real functional buildings and people can walk into the rooms and sit on the chairs and imagine the life of their ancestors. Rick told me that to build a village like had took six or seven years and cost a lot of money. But I think it’s worthy because of the educational meaning. If this village did not exist, then I may not learn so much about people’s life back in 19th century. But now, I may never forget the village which show me how living is in earlier time for Americans.

Thanks for taking us to the museum! It’s a very nice experience.
Here's some pictures about the village.

This is the Ohio Village School.

What surprised me is that there's a small black board on every desk and some of them contains words, as if students have just finished their class.

These two are some inside stuffs in the Female Seminary. I met a lovely girl who dressed like a lady in old time. She told me that this is a school for girls who were born in wealth families. They came here to study how to be a real lady and eventually, became  good wives.
 Learn something everyday!

Blog From Lock

Hello everybody,I'm so sorry to write the self introduction so late,I'm Lock(徐璐),don't laugh at the strange name,i know you can remember it easily.
My hometown is Changsha,Hunan province,the firework in which is also as spectacular as that in Columbus.I'm really appreciated to make acquaintance with the friends in our team from Wuhan,and whom we met in Columbus,especially the guys in group C,you can also called us "GROUP CRAZY".Thank you for all of you!

                            WE ARE GROUP CRAZY!!!


I'm so sorry to upload the blog too late because of laziness...really sorry..I think this month is the happiest time of my one year of university life..It's wonderful to meet you here.Specifically,I want to say thanks to the senior sisters(学姐们)I met here,the life with you makes me understand many things which confused me for a long time,and i also have been learning from you...really thanks!!

P.S. There are something wrong with Lock's gmail,so I help her upload the blog.

The history educates us to advance

        As we all know,the slavery played an important role in the history of America. I think that everyone who went through it would remember it throughout their life. When we visited the national underground railroad freedom centre yesterday, I was impressed by the miserable experience of  slaves and their courage of seeking the freedom. Freedom means that you can do anything you want, go to anywhere you like. I can't imagine how to live without freedom, it's very very terrible. I feel very lucky that our ancestors fight to abolish slavery, and set the slaves free, so today, we can live in this world happily and freely. The burning flame is the symbol of  freedom, I hope this flame will go on forever.

         This afternoon, we visited the Ohio historical society, it's really ery interesting to see so many artifacts. I was mostly impressed with the large Mastodon skeleton in the main gallery.
Also, there are so many plants, animals, ceramics, furniture, woodenware, and metal ware. A wonderful village attracted us the most. People in this village told us stories in the past years, and tried to imitate life in the past to all of the visitors. I think history is the best textbook to show people how our  ancestors worked hard to make a better life for their children and children‘s children. We also can learn some valuable experience from them to make a great advance.

July 13rd Alex Liu

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center give me deep impression.When I was in China I hear about the slaves suffered a lot of suffering.But I had never known the pain and the hope of slaves.At that dark time they did not be as the real human ,just three fifth human.So they had no basic human rights.Slaves were some items of their owner,they could not get clean house ,education and the most important thing in the world ,the freedom.They tried to against the owner,but there were just very few slaves win the fights,any other slaves would be killed with their families ,if we can called them families.

Although the slaves suffered a lot of suffering,they also had the hope.Slaves tried to escape from the cages,so they though the dark Ohio river at dark night to the other side of the river where had the hopeful fire.They wanted to get freedom ,even if the sacrifice of life.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

20120711 Aaron


Today I receipted a gift from Dr.Charles Hancock.  It is named "My Grammar and I... Or Should That Be Me"  I was rewarded by my answer that the difference between Einstein's brain and ordinary's.
           In the class, Dr.Charles Hancock presented 9 intellegence style that divided smartness into several areas like mathmatical and logic, interpersonal, intrapersonal etc. It is useful that it interpreted different intellegence and made a conclusion that which kind we belonged to.
           However, things are not that perfect as we thought. I found that I am not outstanding in any part but almostly common in most parts. I was so confused until an idea hit me that every one is unique ,just be yourself. So I will spare no effort to realize myself  and the world more.

what is freedom

Today we've got to the Freedom Center.The Freedom Center is a place about the slaves. We've heard a lot of sad stories about the slaves. The slaves are abused terribly in the dark age, which enforces me thinking about the word of freedom.
Let's see the world in an eye of the slave owners. According to the introduction, i just think the owners treated the slaves just as how we treat animals. The slaves had no freedom,no human rights that time.
It's natural for us to think about how the world will be. We gave slaves human rights,   and slaves,which was just like animals that time, became a real person. So what will the animals be in the near future? We do have some organizations focusing on animal rights. They object to eat cats,dogs and make experiences on them. Will they get the equal rights as the human now? Or how can we tell the difference between animals and human?
Actually freedom is such a big word. We have a lot to do with it. What is freedom? How can we get freedom? How can get freedom as well as justice? Who should be freedom? There are so many problems to solve, and today is a really educational trip.

Campus Information Hunt of Group 4

This was the first class we took together in OSU in which, I (Iris), Franklin, Kid and Leon made up a team to participate in the information hunt activity.
We first went to the Orton Hall which is a beautiful building with stone walls and a tower. When we walked in, it was quite. We stood and looked around silently, and saw nobody in the hall. I noticed that the fans on the celling upon the stairs are made of elaborately-carved wood. Noticing that, in front of us behind the glass door, erected a skeleton of some kind of a large animal; we walked in and then found our interviewees.
We separated and chatted to two of them. The man told us that, he is a professor of another department and was bringing his children and family to visit this tiny museum filled with fossils and rocks. He introduced that this museum is for students of earth science. The large skeleton is a Megalonyi Jeffersoni Giant Ground Sloth. There is also a memorial library of Geology on the first floor.
The stone wall of this building is made of Hocking ralley red sandstone. The tower is a bell tower and it used to ring when class begins and ends. There are 24 pillars around the tower, on witch curved a different gargoyle which represents a different type of prehistoric animal life found. The other family members searched in the museum to help us, too. It was so nice to meet them. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hans' Sunrise 7/12

Hey everyone,
This is a transcript of the spoken word I am doing Thursday morning for the Sunrise.  Let me know if you have any questions.

the slurs that were said against me when i was a child, it makes me wild. [pause]
ching chong, china man.  the song replays within my head.
to call me names that make me hate who i am?
they don't have right, so i lie awake late into the night, thinking that tomorrow i will fight
i think of come backs and how i shall prevail, over the hate that is spread because my skin is pale.
and i retaliate and recipricate with a hate that becomes a caged rage
and this built up anger turns into anguish and thoughts of, why must i be asian?
so i loathe my classmates for having a white complexion
and here i am with my chinky eye'd asian connection
see, i was not taught by my parents to hate on another race based on physical traits that are a persons face
but society had other plans showing me stereotypes of my fellow man
and to these stereotypes you were expected to conform and to perform
to assimilate and immitate those who are of similar race [pause]
race is nothing but a man made concept based on hate
it was just a tool used by early slave traders to depreciate
the human beings that they bought and sold for profit and gain
race was used to justify the injustices and support prejudices
do not see me as a yellow, but rather a fellow [pause]
a fellow human being that is running alongside you in this race that is known as life.
see, all the struggles that you go through, and all the strife
i know exactly how it feels , and with these words, i bring it to light
the pressure of your peers peering down upon you
to do things you don't really want to
and just because i'm asian, don't think i do well in school
when i bring that report card home, i get yelled at too
my parents brag to me about their friends sons and daughters
he got a full ride, now she's getting a doctorette
why can't you be like them, stay home and study
instead of living your life, boy you so tiao pi
they just want the best for me coming to this country
and each time i fail i see the stares of a thousand family members thinking
this child is so spoiled he amounts to nothing, and my heart starts sinking [beat begins]
and i am shackled by the fear that i am not living up to expectations
as i continue on my path, i lose sight of who i am
i begin to chase the dreams of other people and thinking success is a paycheck with a bunch of zeroes
my childhood memories of being a superhero meets reality and becomes ashes
and my life becomes branded by numbers and dashes and i am one more data point in a system of corporations
i just want to be free from this conflagration
the idea of freedom has many meanings and connotations
to the slaves from back in the day, it was emancipation
going from three fifths of a person to five fiths, a whole
and not being owned by someone who also owned your soul
to those people who are repressed by corrupt governments, freedom means no more tyranny
because they're tired of being denied their civil rights
and to me, freedom means being true to yourself and your values
having the ability to fight for what you believe in, and not be inhibited by what others are thinking
so what does freedom mean to you and how shall you strive for it
i write these lyrics and i write these lines in hopes that someday i will find
my true identity and free myself
fear shall be no longer and i will grow stronger
and there will be no more failure because i will be living up to my expectations and not anyone else's
and i will be able to say scream out loud
"free at last, free at last, lord almighty i am free at last"

Let the world company us.

    We walked briskly in the night,with night's cloak to help us fly.We were singing an old song named <When> and there are words:Let the world company us,live chic and alive.

Thinking of the passed week,I feel that we have had a wonderful memory to store in our heads.
On our 2nd day,we spent a whole afternoon to play a map game.Our No.2 team started to look for 4 places in OSU.Although the sun is hot,we kept going and we saw a lot of wonderful things.First,the Orton Hall for geology amazed us!It has a giant sloth skeleton,which is the giantest skeleton I have ever seen.

After the Orton hall we went to the Mirror Lake.It is much more beautiful than the one in Wuhan University because the water is clean and there are teals everywhere.Man and nature live in harmony here.By the lake side,we felt refreshed.

I must talked about the American food!Before I come to USA,I thought I was in love with American food.But when I am here,I find that I am wrong.Some taste good but I still miss the food in my hometown!The photo below shows a sumptuous dinner.The pizzas really taste yummy!

We have decided to make a small video about these days Wuhanese in Ohio because we are so happy with our friends these days.There always are laughters and humors and we are very glad to have these good guys to spend youth together.

Just like the song in <Princess Pearl>:Let the world company us.

A marvelous dinner!!!!!!

    I participated in a SGO today!!~ The class is really funny when we yell "Gun!!" altogether~
    Further more, we went to a wonderful restaurant which is called Happy Dragon tonight for dinner. Not exaggeratedly, it's the most delicious meal I have eaten after coming here~~ I hope that I can go back to there if possible, but it may just be a dream...T_T
    Anyway, it's happy today, and I'm looking forward to going shopping tomorrow!~


It's really a pleasure to share sth here. On the first day we came OSU, we got the chance to go to the firework gathering. I was always looking forward gatherings like this because I hadn't experienced it before. And the atmosphere was great!

These days we are shown the campus of OSU.The RPEC,which impresses us deeply,is beyond imagination.No one can refuse it! Another building hits me is the library. It's grand and gorgeous!

In fact, we've been doing a survey for several days here.In the process I got in touch with many different people.I've doubted whether it was convenient for them to fill the questionnaire,but it turned out to be smooth since they were really friendly.

What's more, we've visited Columbus zoo.The polar bear was so cute!

It's time for dinner~ see u next time~Wish we could have great time!

hi,i'm cookie!a student from wuhan university,i't a pleasure to be here in front of you to be here to present myself.i love IHIO,i love all of you!
i like dancing and lisentling to music,i am so into Japanses cartoon and American TV progranms,such as Revenge and The Big Bang series.hope we will enjoy our trip!

Survey Day Team California --- A Busy Schoolday With Totally Suprise

On July 7th we went to interview local people to find out something about American culture. Our group has four members: Amy, Bob, Neo and me. We went to Engineering and science library, where we asked questions to an American-Born Chinese and a black man. The “ABC” was a high school student who was studying math in the library. He was confident about himself, since when Boby(maybe Bob…..and he do not know his English name exactly) asked if he was the most talented student in the school, he immediately admitted. It is a little different from occasions in China. Modest are considered as a matter of courtesy there and most people take it for granted that one shouldn’t regard himself as the best. But I really appreciate his action because he gave the opinion directly. As for Chinese culture, he was interested in Chinese high school study. We shared our experience with him and found out students in America have a shorter required study time.
The second person we interviewed was a black man named Mark. He was working then to persuade people to denote blood. What impressed me the most was his favorite thing to do in Columbus. He said he made a TV show about ethnic handcrafts, which was made by people from a variety of countries, such as India and Africa. I thought his work was attractive, since cultural diversity was likely to be displayed in this form.
When Bob Yuan asked about the reason why Africa is the best place he has ever been. The black old man said in complex emotion. “All the reason I love there is just because I feel I am one of them, we are the same people ,no differences between us. We, the Blacks , are always brothers’  the words from the Oldman surprised me . I even thought the Race discrimination had been solved in the modern American society ,or it was no longer a big problem for people who were living in Columbus. but obviously ,I was wrong.
Although temperature was high and the sun always burnt, we were delightful to communicate with native Americans. People we met were friendly and cooperative. They provided me with another angle to view ourselves and we got a better understanding of the natives.

Origin: Laura
Revision: Bob Yuan

A incredible trip to Wexner Center

On July 6th we went to the Wexner Center for the Arts first. Films and sculptures were featured in it. There was a café and a gift shop downstairs. Two films named the Legend of Marlyn Monvoe and Drink it in Bottled Blondes were to be shown on the next evening. Some Like it hot, another movie, was going to be shown on Saturday night. The musical group SMOD would be performing on July 27th. The current exhibition in Gallery A was Alina Szapocznikow. It was sponsored by the Wexner every Thursday afternoon, which was a spectacular collection of sculptures.
Then we went to the Ohio Union. There are many places to eat at, such as Sloopy’s Diner, Woody’s Tavern and Union Market. The full name of the Grand Ballroom was Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom. We got to the lower level and surprisingly found the history behind Maudine Cow. It had two left feet, but it was a champion Holstein cow, who was crowned as Ohio State’s homecoming Queen

A Summary Of The Last Few Days

We have got to America for a week, and I want to share with you some the deepest impression of me.
When we arrived America , I was attracted by it’s tidy streets. Although there were many cars on the road, everyone obeyed traffic rule, they made the traffic very orderly. As we all known, NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world as Beijing, but Beijing is a famous crowded city while NYC is quite smooth. On one hand, population is a reason; on the other hand, the degree of civilization is a more important reason. Secondly, we had a visit to the City Hall and State House yesterday. In The United State, people have freedom and democracy on the foundation of the separation of the three powers—Legislative, Judiciary and Executive, They also have right to visit government office building, it all indicates that politics is transparent in America, everyone can participate in the national development. As Tocqueville who is a famous sociologist said: The government which issues orders in the name of people is the most difficult to resist.
Everything is great in America except for zoo, in a word, I think Columbus zoo should have treated some animals according to their habits. Ohio has very high temperature in summer, and the sun is strong at most of the time. But polar bears and penguins are exposed on the outside instead of in the enclosed space with air-condition, it is too hot and not suitable to their survival. Of course, I just stand in a non professional perspective.
In these days, I have gained a lot of information and knowledge, and I expect there are more and more interesting things appear in the next days.
(I can’t upload photos because of some wrong of my Internet or computer)

Chinese hold the opinion that “To the people foodstuff is all-important”, the first thing we should deal with is how to be adapted to the food here, When we come to the U.S.
We have been to Ohio for about one weekduring this time all of us have tried different kinds of food ,like pasta, enchilada,Greek food outside the university.
The restaurant in school canteen usually served for local food , maybe some of us have not adapted to eating ,it is very hard for me to eat too much cold food at breakfast, we have found out that when we come to the door there are some hot or warm food. I think eating hot and warm food is good for our stomach, they are more delicious as well.
After eating too much food ,I also miss Chinese food very much , we have tried some Chinese food restaurant here.
Do you remember the Chinese restaurant we go to recently? Nearby that restaurant is a Yankeefied Chinese restaurant called PANDA EXPERSS, that is a fast food restaurant
like “ dong fang ji bai”, and NO.1Chinese food is also very good ,but local people told us maybe it is not very dirty ?
I am a person who love eating , if someone find out some delicious food ,please share the food you discovered with us ,thank you very much!

helloeveryoneI am Tom, my Chinese name is Liu Huan , I come from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, my major is public administration ,which is focused on public health managementwe are now doing a  comparative study of city community health service and dual-track system in large hospital and community doctors between Wuxi, Jiangsu province and Columbus, OH.
I like playing soccer and badminton very much.
I’m very glad to come and meet everyone here.

Thank you very much!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An brief introduction of myself

I'm called Leon, and my Chinese name is Yuchen Han. My major in Geodesy and Geomatics engineering. I feel so glad to come to OSU with all of you! Nice to meet you everyone.

A lawyer's visit to the City Hall of Columbus

  Today we visited the City Hall of Columbus located in the downtown of the city.As a student in the law school of Wuhan University,I have a strong desire to have a look at what the government functions and what the government is like.An old gentleman,who has been an auditor for decades,gave us a warm welcome.what's more,a special course was given by him,making us understand the regime of United States.He talked a lot,and lots of examples and data were used to explain his argument.Also he answered our questions very kindly.Generally speaking,there are two points which impress me a lot.
  First,I found that the definition of government in U.S.A. was a bit different from that in China,where government is normally equal to administration,while according to the description of the auditor,government is considered as a combination of judiciary,executive and legislative.
  Second,a sentence which were emphasized again and again by the auditor,said this is not perfect,but it is the best we can do.As we know,Chinese regime is quite different from that of United States,but you cannot make a conclusion that Chinese style is better or worse,cause each regime has its advantages and disadvantages,and there is always enough room to be improved.What makes me feel a little disappointed,most U.S.A officials realize that fact but majority Chinese do not think so.I hope that one day Chinese citizens will be aware of that,too!

Hello,I'm Bobby.

I'm Bobby and my Chinese name is Guanbo. I love sports and soccer and basketball are my favorites. Another part of my hobby is music, no matter what kind of music you like, we shall have something to share. Nice to meet u~

Surveying Americans (team California)

On July 7th we went to interview local people to find out something about American culture. Our group has four members: Amy, Boby, Neo and me. We went to Engineering and science library, where we asked questions to an American-Born Chinese and a black man. The “ABC” was a high school student who was studying math in the library. He was confident about himself, since when Boby asked if he was the most talented student in the school, he immediately admitted. It is a little different from occasions in China. Modest are considered as a matter of courtesy there and most people take it for granted that one shouldn’t regard himself as the best. But I really appreciate his action because he gave the opinion directly. As for Chinese culture, he was interested in Chinese high school study. We shared our experience with him and found out students in America have a shorter required study time.
The second person we interviewed was a black man named Mark. He was working then to persuade people to denote blood. What impressed me the most was his favorite thing to do in Columbus. He said he made a TV show about ethnic handcrafts, which was made by people from a variety of countries, such as India and Africa. I thought his work was attractive, since cultural diversity was likely to be displayed in this form.
Although temperature was high and the sun always burnt, we were delightful to communicate with native Americans. People we met were friendly and cooperative. They provided me with another angle to view ourselves and we got a better understanding of the natives.

A Different Kind of Government

   Actually,I don't know very well about the government system of the USA even now,but I still learn something new from today's experiences.Different from China,the  most notable characteristic of the USA government is seperate power which turns out to have the bicameral system.There is no relationship between judiciary,executive,legislative,except that they are all chosed by citizens and work for citizens' rights.Am I right?
   As for gorvenment system,although there are definitely many diferences between America and China , still there are at least one thing in common,they are all concerned about people.In China,It is people who choose the leaders of China and it is same in America.Actually I believe that people are beyond  any government.That's why an old Chinese saying said that "What people are to Government ,what water is to ships,for the water supporting a ship can also upset it ."And that's why Americans can have guns.

Some feelings in OSU theses days

Seven days have past since we arrived at OSU.Beautiful fireworks,happy shopping experiences,helpful classes,wonderful RPAC,unforgetful zoo trip...I was very happy these days with all the classmates and teachers. Through the activities,I found Americans very friendly and warm-hearted.There are Americans greeting you with a smile wherever you go.When we ask them for directions,they answer us very patiently.Furthermore,they are very polite,for example,drivers will stop at a distance if the pedestrians are in their ways,in Wuhan,you know,drivers and pedestrians always compete for the road space,so there is always a heavy traffic....>_< American people's hospitality warms my heart and let me feel at home. About OSU,it is a very beautiful school.It's clean everywhere and buildings have their own styles.The Ohio Student Union is a good place for relaxing,studying and communicating with others.RPAC is a wonderful place for sports.And the dormitory is much better than that in WHU...-_-# We can see the students in OSU have a very colorful campus life and they can always find a place to do what they want to do.I like OSU! Yesterday Brieanne had a class with us about food culture in America.I'm very interesting in food culture.I found that people in America attach more importance to atmosphere than food itself.Actually I have not got used to American food these days,but I believe that American food culture has many things for me to learn and I'll try it. Let's enjoy the next seven days in OSU^_^

Elsa's first blog in WTOSP

Hi,I am Elsa .I really enjoy these days in OSU.I am also honoured to meet you guys here.
It is a great opportunity to understand American culture.There are many impressive experiences here . Today we had a  visit to Ohio State House.Not only I am amazed at the beautiful architecture and delicate artworks in there,but also i have gained an understanding of the politic culture in the US..Walking along the street ,i saw volunteers promoting for their candidates and sending pamphlets .So i wonder if young generations are willing to participate in the voting.So i asked
 Mr Dorrian about this question .The answer is yes.I think it is quite different from China where youth are seldom get involved in politic.Anthor thing i noticed is that there is a microphone on each table in the conference room at Ohio State House.I suppose it indicates that everyone has a say in the issue discussed.It is very wise for the government to respect for the voice from citizens.
Thanks for Mike,Hans,Rick ,Brieanne ,Susy and Ming fang .You have brought us the best memories in the US.

a nice trip in the church

Last Friday we got to the church to attend a party, after the party, we are invited to a church. There was a band and all of us song. After it, we are seperated to different groups for Bibble discussion. We discussed about the new testament,LUKE 23:9. Jesus prays on the mount of olives and jusus arrested. These two chapters talked about how jesus was arrested and betrayed by his students. During our discussion, we find that Juda is not an absolutely bad guy, he's sad for pointing jesus out. And Peter was tempted once but Jesus believed that he would be important to the world. we percieved Jesus's wisdom and tolerant. On the other hand, we can find that the students of Jesus are both kind and evil, because they are just normal human like us. And we should forgive others' mistakes, coz it is why we are just human. It also conveyed that if we believe in the power of pray, we can get great power. 

it's my teammate,Phil

That's the holy bible,Phil sent it to me

Steven Sun

Campus Information Hunt Of Team 7

Our task was Knowlton Shool of Archeticture,Science and Engineering Library,OIA and College of Engineering.We finished all except OIA. It is so wonderful that Knowlton Hall is just the next buliding of College of Engineering, so we finished tasks pretty fast and we are the first team came back to the class. Knowlton Hall really shocked us that it is more like an art rather than a building. There are a lot of exhibits in the Hall,we are deeply impreesed. In the SEL, we found a variety of books there, the library is pretty big and can found enough information for us. In the Hitchcock Hall we asked two students some questions on our paper. Honestly the questions are pretty hard even for stedents there, but their patience and passion moved me a lot. They even search it on internet to help us. They reflected the kind aspect of OSU. It's a nice trip, and we know a lot about OSU as well as our partners.

Group seven
Steven Sun,Cindy Zhu,Simon Wang,Mike Cong

blog2 The potluck party?

In Suzy’s class, our group fortunately met Mr. Rogers Bruce who is an old China hand. He recommended us to a potluck party.
A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group. For we are the visitors here, 8 of us went there empty-handed. It’s a good way to get people together, to make friends, to share something including your situations or your feelings etc.
He who harvested greatest is Mengoma, for he met some young beautiful ladies. No fact stands without pictures.

However after some leisure time it turned out to be a missionary activity.
We chanted saint songs, read the chapter of ‘JESUS ARRESTED’, raised questions and listened one of the guy making it clear. It lasted about one hour and a half. They gave us Holy Bible as gifts, invited us to come there next week and took us a ride to Barrett House. We are just new visitors here, the strangers to them. How could they make it a fairly easy thing to communicate with us? It’s not only the whole atmosphere here, but also the faith in there heart. You may think it’s stupid if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also, but for Christian it must be an excuse.

Wing's best life in OSU


Today I had a stomachache, my friends were all worry about me. Thank you guys and I feel better now. Especially, thank Hans drived me back to the dome and brought me outside again. Thank you very much.
I hope everybody can keep fit and heathy, because being seek is really uncomfortable...

I really LOVE OSU, the sky is vast and the people are friendly. I have come here for about 1 week and this feeling comes stronger.
I'm sure I 'll come Clumbus again in the futrue, the felling is very good indeed!

Belated self introduction by Bob Yuan~~~~~~~

 My name is Yuan Chao,and you can call me Bob as my English name. I am enjoy my compus life in
the medical college of WHU majoring in Medical & Diagnose Technology.In my childhood ,I dreamed about being an Artist some day, but as you can see it now, my major may has nothing to do with Arts. in a sense, to be a physiologist maybe just fine!
I am lucky to be here here with all of you,humbled by the challenge and so many things waiting for us.what bothers me most is my POOR SPOKEN ENGLISH.....I've got to be terribly nervous when talking to people in English。I‘d like to say in Columbus ,which is a vibrant city,full of excitement and culture atmosphere, I will make great progress and experience a different type of schooldays as well.hahahaaa~~~

"Team B Survey Day"! Nice today!

        We're the team B!
        We're in the same group not by coincidence.We're in one summer practice and doing the survey together!

    The way we form the group is very interesting.
        At first,we didn't know each other at all. And it was May,7th this year,we went to Beijing to get our visa.On the train to Beijing,we met each other and played together until midnight,after that,we found each other friendly and we shared the same interest.So we got along with each other very soon.
        Before that,our group leader,okay that's me,had the idea of combining the summer program with summer practice together,but I hardly knew anyone in the program at that  time,the visa trip came just in time.So I knew such interesting guys in this way and I really wanted to cooperate with them.I gave my invitations and they're all glad to participate in.
        Then,our practice launched.Our theme is "Career choice and family concept"in the U.S. and P.R.China.We worked together on the questionnaires(set the questions and translate them into English)and gave off them on the campus of Wuhan University before we taking off for America.

        And today,we gave off the questionnaires in OSU.We went to the Thompson Library and Science& Engineering Library.As students are almost home now,it is not easy for us to find enough people to interview.And even the people who are already there,some of them are not so friendly.Even though the situation there is kind of tough,we went over it successfully!
       It's not only a survey or a practice,but also a good chance for us to communicate with people.Actually,I feel embarrassed at the very start,but after a couple of times,I feel much more confident and I can express my intention clearly.I think it is the same with other members.So it actually benefits us a lot more than the survey itself.(Does this sentence make sense?)
       That's our experience for today!This is our photos!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Small Group Opportunities

Here are the groups and times for SGOs.  I know not all people got their perfect schedule, but we tried to make sure you all got to do at least two of your top four choices, and one of your lower ranked choices as well.

I will post these at the dorms in the morning and let's meet in the lobby at 8 a.m. sharp! Wish you all sweet dreams tonight.

Thank you.

Mike Lohre

Rock Climbing SGO Group One

Tuesday, July 10, at 6 p.m., after supper, with Hans Li

6Liang Zhou
7Xiao Ma (Iris)
8Bobby Bo Guan

Rock Climbing Two

Friday, July 13, at 3 p.m. with Hans Li

2Nicci Ziqi
4Zhang Fangzhou

Dr. Larry Brown Wetland’s Project and Wuhan Collaboration

Wednesday, July 11 at 12:30 p.m.

1.     Steven Sun
2.     Aaron
3.     Kidd
4.     Tony
5.     Bob Yuan
6.     Franklin
7.     Simon
8.     Liu Yingsang
9.     Xiao Ma (Iris)
10. Cindy
11. Safriya
12. Joe


Brieanne’s Self Defense SGO

3:30 to 5 in the RPAC on Wednesday, July 11

1. Cindy Wang
2. Safriya
3. Bonnie
4. Evelyn
5. Lluvia Peng
6. Wing Lau
7. Amy
8. Anna Niu
9. Mikko
10. Sephie
11. Julia li
12. Xiao Ma
13. Liu Yingsang
14. Cindy
15. Lisa
16. Betty

Ohio Historical Society SGO

Friday, July 13 from 2 p.m. to 5

1.     Amy
2.     Nicci
3.     Tom
4.     Kidd
5.     Mike Cong
6.     Lock
7.     Joe
8.     Chloe
9.     Lisa
10. Neo
11. Julia
12. Evelyn

1st Alternates

Liang Zhou
Steven Sun

Hocking Hills Hiking Trip SGO

Friday morning early, July 13 in two vans

Van One

1.     Mikko
2.     Tony
3.     Cindy
4.     Safriya
5.     Lluvia
6.     Wing
7.     Simon
8.     Elsa
9.     Cookie
10. Bobby Bo Guan
11. Neo
12. Lock

Van Two

1.     Julia
2.     Aaron
3.     Liang Zhou
4.     Sophie
5.     Kidd
6.     Allen
7.     Mike Cong
8.     Tom
9.     Joe
10. Bonnie
11. Chloe
12. Bob Yuan


Zhang Fangzhou
Anna Niu
Cindy Zhu

Motorcycle Hall of Fame visit SGO

Friday afternoon July 13, 2-5 p.m. with Mike Lohre

1.     Steven Sun
2.     Tony
3.     Lluvia
4.     Wing
5.     Neo
6.     Mike Cong
7.     Bob Yuan
8.     Liang Zhou
9.     Sophie Lin
10. Safriya Su
11. Cindy Wang


Lin Yingsang
Columbus Crew Soccor Game SGO
Saturday night, July 14 at 7 p.m.
With Rick and Linda’s nephew

1.     Simon
2.     Franklin
3.     Neo
4.     Bobby Bo Guan
5.     Yuchen Han
6.     Zheng Xu
7.     Tom
8.     Liang Zho
9.     Steven Sun
10. Cindy Wang,
11. Safriya Su

King Avenue Church Service on Sunday SGO FINAL

In the lobby on Sunday July 15 at 10:30, church from 11 to 12.

Van One

1.     Sophie Lin
2.     Betty
3.     Mikko
4.     Bob Yuan
5.     Yuchen Han
6.     Allen
7.     Zheng Xu
8.     Liu Yingsang
9.     Zhang Fangzhou
10. Evelyn
11. Joe

Van Two

1.     Bonnie
2.     Steven Sun
3.     Lock
4.     Alex
5.     Xiao Ma (iris)
6.     Neo
7.     Lluvia
8.     Franklin
9.     Wing
10. Liang Zhou
11. Chloe
12. Julia

Second trip to Columbus Museum of Art SGO
Sunday morning 9:30 a.m. in lobby, July 15

1.     Aaron
2.     Tom
3.     Allen
4.     Sophie Liu
5.     Betty
6.     Lisa
7.     Mike Cong
8.     Nicci Fiang Ziqi
9.     Kid
10. Amy
11. Evelyn
12. Cindy


Safriya Su
Xulu Lock
Ohio Historical Society SGO

Monday July 16 from 9 to Noon with Rick

1.     Amy
2.     Nicci
3.     Tom
4.     Kidd
5.     Mike Cong
6.     Lock
7.     Joe
8.     Chloe
9.     Lisa
10. Neo
11. Julia
12. Evelyn

1st Alternates

Liang Zhou
Steven Sun