Tuesday, July 10, 2012

blog2 The potluck party?

In Suzy’s class, our group fortunately met Mr. Rogers Bruce who is an old China hand. He recommended us to a potluck party.
A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group. For we are the visitors here, 8 of us went there empty-handed. It’s a good way to get people together, to make friends, to share something including your situations or your feelings etc.
He who harvested greatest is Mengoma, for he met some young beautiful ladies. No fact stands without pictures.

However after some leisure time it turned out to be a missionary activity.
We chanted saint songs, read the chapter of ‘JESUS ARRESTED’, raised questions and listened one of the guy making it clear. It lasted about one hour and a half. They gave us Holy Bible as gifts, invited us to come there next week and took us a ride to Barrett House. We are just new visitors here, the strangers to them. How could they make it a fairly easy thing to communicate with us? It’s not only the whole atmosphere here, but also the faith in there heart. You may think it’s stupid if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also, but for Christian it must be an excuse.


  1. Wow,It seems like a wonderful place,but I still cannot figure out where did you go.Is it in a church ?And when the party hold,every Tuesday?

    1. actually we don't know it,either. maybe it's an activity to make others know what jesus is...

  2. every friday . The second floor is a church,a really small one,and we had the party at the basement.