Thursday, July 12, 2012

Campus Information Hunt of Group 4

This was the first class we took together in OSU in which, I (Iris), Franklin, Kid and Leon made up a team to participate in the information hunt activity.
We first went to the Orton Hall which is a beautiful building with stone walls and a tower. When we walked in, it was quite. We stood and looked around silently, and saw nobody in the hall. I noticed that the fans on the celling upon the stairs are made of elaborately-carved wood. Noticing that, in front of us behind the glass door, erected a skeleton of some kind of a large animal; we walked in and then found our interviewees.
We separated and chatted to two of them. The man told us that, he is a professor of another department and was bringing his children and family to visit this tiny museum filled with fossils and rocks. He introduced that this museum is for students of earth science. The large skeleton is a Megalonyi Jeffersoni Giant Ground Sloth. There is also a memorial library of Geology on the first floor.
The stone wall of this building is made of Hocking ralley red sandstone. The tower is a bell tower and it used to ring when class begins and ends. There are 24 pillars around the tower, on witch curved a different gargoyle which represents a different type of prehistoric animal life found. The other family members searched in the museum to help us, too. It was so nice to meet them. 

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