Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog From Lock

Hello everybody,I'm so sorry to write the self introduction so late,I'm Lock(徐璐),don't laugh at the strange name,i know you can remember it easily.
My hometown is Changsha,Hunan province,the firework in which is also as spectacular as that in Columbus.I'm really appreciated to make acquaintance with the friends in our team from Wuhan,and whom we met in Columbus,especially the guys in group C,you can also called us "GROUP CRAZY".Thank you for all of you!

                            WE ARE GROUP CRAZY!!!


I'm so sorry to upload the blog too late because of laziness...really sorry..I think this month is the happiest time of my one year of university life..It's wonderful to meet you here.Specifically,I want to say thanks to the senior sisters(学姐们)I met here,the life with you makes me understand many things which confused me for a long time,and i also have been learning from you...really thanks!!

P.S. There are something wrong with Lock's gmail,so I help her upload the blog.

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