Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Team B Survey Day"! Nice today!

        We're the team B!
        We're in the same group not by coincidence.We're in one summer practice and doing the survey together!

    The way we form the group is very interesting.
        At first,we didn't know each other at all. And it was May,7th this year,we went to Beijing to get our visa.On the train to Beijing,we met each other and played together until midnight,after that,we found each other friendly and we shared the same interest.So we got along with each other very soon.
        Before that,our group leader,okay that's me,had the idea of combining the summer program with summer practice together,but I hardly knew anyone in the program at that  time,the visa trip came just in time.So I knew such interesting guys in this way and I really wanted to cooperate with them.I gave my invitations and they're all glad to participate in.
        Then,our practice launched.Our theme is "Career choice and family concept"in the U.S. and P.R.China.We worked together on the questionnaires(set the questions and translate them into English)and gave off them on the campus of Wuhan University before we taking off for America.

        And today,we gave off the questionnaires in OSU.We went to the Thompson Library and Science& Engineering Library.As students are almost home now,it is not easy for us to find enough people to interview.And even the people who are already there,some of them are not so friendly.Even though the situation there is kind of tough,we went over it successfully!
       It's not only a survey or a practice,but also a good chance for us to communicate with people.Actually,I feel embarrassed at the very start,but after a couple of times,I feel much more confident and I can express my intention clearly.I think it is the same with other members.So it actually benefits us a lot more than the survey itself.(Does this sentence make sense?)
       That's our experience for today!This is our photos!

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