Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Love Philadelphia!

I really love this city!
Not only for its fascinating views,but also the atmosphere and familiar feeling recall me of my hometown.
And what makes the feeling stronger,one of my best friends is here.
We haven't seen each other for years,and it's really amazig for us to meet each other in a foreign country.
She told me that the climate here is resemble to Wuhan and the way people live is also like what we do in Wuhan.So she got used to the environment and life very soon when she came here.Haha~
I really enjoy today and Philadelphia makes the belief-studying in USA-even stronger!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog 3: Farewell Party

Yesterday, we had our farewell party at a Chinese restaurant. The party was great and everybody had a lot of fun. I took some pictures and I want to share them with you guys.

David Smith and I
 Mr.Smith is a very kind person, he talked to us about nearly two hours. It's my pleasure to meet you!

All of our teachers and leaders. Thank you for your hard work!We love you!

Susy and Chen Xi. You two are so beautiful!

Franklin, you are so funny! XD

Thanks for the lovely T-shirt! 

Hans, it seems that you had a lot of fun~

 Wang Ziqi showed us his new cloth yesterday. It's really interesting!:D

 Besides all those photos, I also record a video, of which four students were singing the song of Wuhan University.I'm not professional and I hope it's clear enough for you to enjoy the beautiful song.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A brief introduction to myself

Hi, everyone! I’m Mike; my Chinese name is Cong Hao. I majored in economics in Wuhan University. The days we spent in OSU are very fantastic, gradually I get used to the life on campus, and I love the university especially the people here. During the days in Columbus, Ohio, our group did a comparative study of city community health service and the dual-track system between China and America. We handed out the questionnaires to the students here and talked with Doctor Miller. They are pretty nice and we learn a lot about the health care system here.
Now we are about to leave OSU, hoping that everyone had a good time here. Never say goodbye to OSU!

Shakespeare In The Park

                          THEY REALLY DID A GOOD JOB!
   Last night,we saw The Merchant of Venice written by Shakespeare in Schiller Park.I found it was interesting,because people can just sat on the grass and watched the drama for free.In my hometown,there are few opportunity for people ,especially those who don't have much money, to see such kind of drama.You need to pay for it,and you have to go to the opera.I think Shakespeare in the park is a very great idea for it gives the chance to everyone equally to enjoy the joy produced by art.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

20120711 part two Aaron

20120711 Wetland visiting

This project attracts me most. Wetland research is really cool! What's more, it is all for environment and the future of Earth.
       The farm is large and what we have tour is the part of whole system, without the whole wetland. In research center, we got to know Professor Brown and his students. After that, we were carried by a "truck"

 then we going around by "truck"

It is a great fun to learn more. When talking with one student, I knew that this summer is unusal that it is much more hot and droughtful than ever before.

  the project
with the basin collecting the run-off that meanwhile being used as buffering area, wetland can clear by microorganism.

 after that, we are reaching our terminal of the journal. What has represented is great amazing that hardly can you imagine without being here.

All in all, WHAT A GREAT DAY!!

The greetings from Professor Hancock and some observations about Amish culture

I have written a personal statement and sent it to Professor Hancock.He replied me and gave many suggestions on my draft personal statement .
Also,he wrote that " Please express my warm greetings to everyone in the summer program as you prepare to return home, especially your Wuhan teachers for a safe and happy journey back home. Zai jian."That was really nice.So i decided to post it on the  blog to make sure the greetings are sent to everyone.
Yesterday,we went to the Amish Country and had a great time there.The animal below is called "Yangtuo" in Chinese.I don't know what it is called in English.I think it is a dorable animal because it always wears a naive and peaceful face.It is so lucky that i can see it in Amish Country.
The faith of Amish people impressed me a lot.They refused to use electrocity and any other modern facilities.They would rather spend more time hanging out with families than surf the Internet and make the phone call.They attach more importance to the face-to-face communication with people.It may be hard for young generations .As a result, about twenty percent of the youth chose the modern life style instead of the conservative life style.Even thouth,they show respect for different faith .They encourage people to believe in their religion.Meanwhile,they can understand the different choices.Their culture is compatible .I think that is the reason why Amish culture can exist so long .

Schiller Park and Shakespeare

Today we got to the Schiller Park,although most of us thought it's Shakespeare's park, and we watched a drama written by Shakespeare. The picture was shot there. However, it's easy to find out that my focus is not on the stage. It's not a mistake. What i want to convey is that people take Shakespeare as a entertainment. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is great, and his drama is elegant. many people think they are not fit to Shakespeare.
In my opinion it's not natural for people to be rejected by art, art is made for people, that's what art is. The drama is wonderful and attractive, but it doesn't mean people must sit formally there on a hard chair, look directly to the stage and listen very carefully, although they should do it if they want. 
We can see a lot of people sit on the comfortable chair, play with their dogs, whisper to each other, and walk around everywhere. I think they are really enjoying the art instead of be the slave of art.

Baseball Class Tomorrow

Hi everyone.
Tomorrow, at 9:30, I'll be teaching a class about baseball. I have taught literally thousands of Wuhan University students about baseball and I'm looking forward to teaching you, too. To do this, I'll need a little help. I want you to spend some time finding out about baseball before you come to class. Some questions I'll need you to answer:

How many players are on the field during a baseball game? What positions do they play?
How long is a baseball game?
What kind of skills do you need to play baseball?
How does a baseball team score a run?

After lunch, we'll go out an play baseball together--it should be a lot of fun. Monday night, you'll get to go to an actual professional baseball game in our beautiful downtown ballpark! If there's one thing I know about baseball, it's that the more you know about the game, the more you'll enjoy it. See you tomorrow.