Sunday, July 15, 2012

Schiller Park and Shakespeare

Today we got to the Schiller Park,although most of us thought it's Shakespeare's park, and we watched a drama written by Shakespeare. The picture was shot there. However, it's easy to find out that my focus is not on the stage. It's not a mistake. What i want to convey is that people take Shakespeare as a entertainment. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is great, and his drama is elegant. many people think they are not fit to Shakespeare.
In my opinion it's not natural for people to be rejected by art, art is made for people, that's what art is. The drama is wonderful and attractive, but it doesn't mean people must sit formally there on a hard chair, look directly to the stage and listen very carefully, although they should do it if they want. 
We can see a lot of people sit on the comfortable chair, play with their dogs, whisper to each other, and walk around everywhere. I think they are really enjoying the art instead of be the slave of art.

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