Sunday, July 15, 2012

20120711 part two Aaron

20120711 Wetland visiting

This project attracts me most. Wetland research is really cool! What's more, it is all for environment and the future of Earth.
       The farm is large and what we have tour is the part of whole system, without the whole wetland. In research center, we got to know Professor Brown and his students. After that, we were carried by a "truck"

 then we going around by "truck"

It is a great fun to learn more. When talking with one student, I knew that this summer is unusal that it is much more hot and droughtful than ever before.

  the project
with the basin collecting the run-off that meanwhile being used as buffering area, wetland can clear by microorganism.

 after that, we are reaching our terminal of the journal. What has represented is great amazing that hardly can you imagine without being here.

All in all, WHAT A GREAT DAY!!

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