Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Wonderful Day In The Zoo!!!

    Though it was very hot outside,I enjoyed our zoo day very much.My favorite is flamingo,It was the first time I saw them,but I fell in love with them at once, they are beautiful ,aren't they?Especially thier color,maybe that's why people call them '火烈鸟' in Chinese.

    But I still think the animals in the zoo are so poor,zoo shouldn't be the place where they  live,they should live in the wild .It is us who destroy thier homes and force them to live like that.I still remembered the polar beers in such hot weather,they must feel uncomfortable.Every time when we develop our living environment,we neet to be aware that we share the earth with lots of beautiful and amazing creatures.

Laura Liu say hi

Hello, everyone. I'm Laura. My Chinese name is Liu Yingsang. You can also call me Juanjuan(卷卷). Because I have natural curly hair. It's inherited from my father. I come from Hunan province, where chairman Mao was born and raised. Hunan is a place with plenty of rivers and lakes. And that developed my interest in water. So I chose water engineering as my major. I enjoy traveling to regions near the sea. Last summer I went to Fangji Island in Guangdong province, south of China. The crystal blue sea impressed me so much that I hoped to live in a seaside cabin for the rest of my life.

Golden Beach in Fangji Island
 In my spare time, I am crazy about dancing and playing badminton. I feel comfortable and relaxed as sweat falling. These hobbies not only help me keep fit, but also create opportunities to make new friends.In OSU we meet diverse people everyday. I wish we could make more friends here and learn more about life in America.

Random thoughts in zoo

I can't imagine that someone has never been to the zoo when he or she is a children.Zoo is a wonderful place for people to realize the power of nature and the truth of live.Besides,you can feel how small we are and read a vivid book without word about the significance of environmental protection,the equality of all living creature.Although there is no doubt that most of animals in the zoo are similar as the domestic, I still find some variety animals,such as flamingo,bald eagle,bison,otter.I realized the difficult symbol of cultures and their inside.However what shocked me most is even so small city which still have zoo and aquarium,therefore I dream one day our country would have basical facilities such like ,zoo and international restaurants,no matter how small city or countryside it is in near future.That's all,is there anybody will upload some pictures today?


Today it’s our ZOO day, which I have been waiting for it since several days ago. I love animals and it was really enjoyable for me to see lots of wild animals here because at home I don’t really have the time.

One thing that surprised me is that the polar bears were kept outside. I always thought that those kind of animals, which traveled far too long to be here, should be kept indoor and as a result their living environment would be much like the Arctic. But then when I saw their place, suddenly I realized that it’s summer now and if they were home it would be daytime 24 hours a day. And I don’t actually know much about their life, for example I thought polar bears are carnassial but I saw them eating aquatic happily. And this is how I know that there are still plenty of things to learn. Not only things about animals. Whatever we think we know now may not be true sometimes. So never assume something as a matter of course. The cautious attitude should be taken all the time as we learn or see.

It’s a pity that we are back so early. I thought I can stand the heat and keep walking until at least 3. But unfortunately, the burning sunshine was literarily KILLING me and even made me dizzy. And I want to thank Mike, Susy, Brieanne and Hans for taking us to the zoo. It’s a very nice trip and I hope you enjoy your visiting as I did.:D

Here's some pictures!

Two polar bears are playing with each other! They are pretty cute! >//////<

I don't know what this is but the picture was taken just in time. It's like it was smiling! FUNNY!

This is a manatee, or sea cow. I think Susy once told us that this is her favorite. And now I know why! They are soooooooo lovely.

Write by Amy

Here comes Bonnie Ding^_^

Hi!I'm Bonnie Ding,and I major in water conservancy in WHU. My hometown lies in the northeast of Hubei province.It's a mountainous area,there are mountains all around and things like Chinese chestnut,peanut and tea growing in my home town are of high quality and also famous.I love my hometown! About me,I like to make different kinds of friends because I can learn different things from them and they make my life colorful.Also,I like traveling,shopping,playing badminton and watching movies.Music can always make me smile.And I have a special friend--- A-Li,she is a little doll and I like to take her with me when traveling,but this time there was not enough space in my case for her so I left her in my room. These days I had a extremely good time in Ohio.Though a little tired,I was very happy every day and learned a lot from all the activities.It's very nice to meet all of you. Hope every one enjoy the time in USA.
A-Li and meO(∩_∩)O~

It was really An Unforgettable Day,yesterday. Morning, we visited the RPAC, it was wonderful!MARK, who worked as our group‘s guide,is a kind man,very friendly. He showed us around the RPAC, introduced those outstanding sports facilities to all of us. Then, it was freetime. I hope for a  similar sports center or a better one in WUHAN university!Afternoon, we went to a Chinese food restaurant.VERY VERY WONDERFUL!!!The Chinese food there was very delicious. I liked it very much.I found that there was a Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) , the same as the one in my house. All of these reminded me of my family, my dear mom’s special recipes. I miss my family !So, thank you very much ,Mike and Hans !It was really An Unforgettable Day! o(∩_∩)o

Friday, July 6, 2012

      It was a hot day.The most interesting part for me was afternoon's assignment.People here are friendly .When we asked way from a girl who was studying in digital union ,she just left her laptop on the table and led us to downstairs to show us the way.It was amazing,because in China,if you just did like that in campus,your laptop would probably fly away when you came back.
      And when we ask the way,we sometimes added extra questions like "Which one do you think is more famous,James or Kobe Bryant ?"They have different answers of course.But a family from TX were just started talking about football.Different from China,I found that people here are into football as well as basketball.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Allen Xue

    Hello everyone! I'm Xue Yilun, a friendly and kind of quiet boy from Inner Mongolia, my English name is Allen. My major is sociology, becoming a politician is always my dream. I love reading, playing basketball and watching the match of NBA in my free time. I'm a big but neutral fan of NBA, whatever, the wonderful match is the most importment.
    This is my first time to come to America, Americans politeness and enthusiasm impressed me deeply. The OSU is a so large and excellent school. I'm convinced that we will have a great summer in OSU!
    Last but not least, I want to be your friend and welcome to our beautiful Inner Mongolia!

the photo of group four