Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Attention! Julia is coming~~!

This is Julia Li speaking~
I'm so happy that all the teammates have arrived in OSU safely. Although the experience of staying in plane for about 14 hours is miserable, everything becomes bright when I see the campus and the dormitory. I'm looking forward that all of us can spend a fantastic time here and enjoy ourselves!~


  1. Welcome Julia! You are exactly right and one thing I know is that the friendships you make with your group members can really be lifelong. We have had so many great friendships built in the past and we look forward to seeing that flower bloom this year too! Thanks for posting and please include your picture too so our other readers can know you. All best, Mike

  2. We're so glad you made it safely, too! What a long flight! I hope you're slowly adjusting to the time change. Welcome!!