Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here comes Evelyn Liu!!!o(∩_∩)o

Hello,everyone!I‘m Evelyn Liu ,my Chinese name is XUE MING LIU. It's really wonderful to come here ,on Ohio State University campus. I come from FUJIAN province, I am a junior student whose major is the clinical medicine in WUHAN university. I am studying French too, it's a language difficult to study ,but very useful.I like it very much .I have a twin sister ,her Chinese name is XUECHUN LIU ,most people say that it’s difficult to tell us .She is a junior student in XIAMEN university ,and her major is finance. We all like to go to the beach.

we went to the beach!


  1. Is your sister traveling with you, too? Which beach is this? It looks beautiful!!

    1. YEAH!!It's really very beautiful. This beach is in my hometown, FUJIAN province.I am sorry that my sister isn't travelling with me,she has to stay in XIAMEN university until august.What a pity!