Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I am Alex Liu

My name is Alex Liu ,and my chinese name is Liu Yang.
    I was born in 1991 March 11st.I live in Dalian Liaoning,a beautiful city nearby the beautiful sea.Now I am studying in Wuhan university physical college .I am a humorous man. I like science and want to be a scientist ,but I feel a little hesitate , I have no idea if I should spend my whole life to research.
    My have many hobbies ,basketball music comics are my favorite interests.My English is poor.So I want to try my best to learn how to speaking and listening by English.
    I hope that we will have a nice travel!


  1. Hi Alex!
    I'm so excited to meet you and spend time with you on your trip! I hope, too, that you will have a great time on your travels here in the U.S. Maybe there will be some time to play basketball! There are some basketball courts in the RPAC which you will visit on Friday. It won't be so HOT inside the building, so basketball might be fun there!
    See you soon!

  2. Alex! Your English is far from poor and I admire you to be brave to speak it. The key to learning a language is wanting to communicate. That gives you the motivation to try, and we really appreciate it. Nice pictures too and maybe you are very good at basketball. I wonder who your favorite player is? Have you ever heard of Jeremy Lin? I really enjoy his rise to NBA stardom this year!