Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to Ohio!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Ohio! Welcome to the Ohio State University!

My name is Ming Fang (方明) and I will be joining your group while you are in Columbus. I did my undergraduate study in Wuhan University. I certainly miss the golden days! A lot of beautiful memories of WuDa...

I actually live in Houston now, but for this summer, I will stay in Columbus until late July. A nice escape from the Houston heat. I lived in Columbus for four years and really like the life here. I hope during the two weeks that you stay here, you will discover the beauty of Columbus and explore the fun that this city offers. I strongly encourage you to talk to people, to try different food, to attempt at least one thing you have not attempted before.

I am really excited about the program and all the activities that have been arranged! One thing that I look forward to is the "Gallery Hop", a night of celebration of art in the walking street. I've heard about it, but have not got a chance to experience it. I believe it would be a fun night!

See you all in Columbus!


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