Monday, July 2, 2012

Vlog: Urban Chickens

Hello friends! Irene and I took a little bit of video today at our house, and as you will see we have three chickens we are raising in the city.  In America, animals are largely gone from life in the city unless you count domestic pets.  Yet many are choosing now to return to a life where a few animals and vegetables are part of life, and this is part of the local food movement.

In fact, there is something called The Urban Chicken Movement, and it is hotly contested in some cities where residents DO NOT want chickens and are passing laws to ban them from the neighborhoods.  Of course, we think roosters are not good in the city, but for the hens, we love them.  Irene gets about 2 or 3 eggs a day and our neighbors have come to really appreciate the chickens, too.  We are happy to have these animals living with us on our little place and hope you will come and say hello to them and see the coop when you visit.  Welcome!

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