Saturday, July 7, 2012

Laura Liu say hi

Hello, everyone. I'm Laura. My Chinese name is Liu Yingsang. You can also call me Juanjuan(卷卷). Because I have natural curly hair. It's inherited from my father. I come from Hunan province, where chairman Mao was born and raised. Hunan is a place with plenty of rivers and lakes. And that developed my interest in water. So I chose water engineering as my major. I enjoy traveling to regions near the sea. Last summer I went to Fangji Island in Guangdong province, south of China. The crystal blue sea impressed me so much that I hoped to live in a seaside cabin for the rest of my life.

Golden Beach in Fangji Island
 In my spare time, I am crazy about dancing and playing badminton. I feel comfortable and relaxed as sweat falling. These hobbies not only help me keep fit, but also create opportunities to make new friends.In OSU we meet diverse people everyday. I wish we could make more friends here and learn more about life in America.

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