Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hello Wuhan students,
My name is Hans Li and would like to welcome you all to the great city of Columbus, Ohio and also welcome you to the Ohio State University. I have been with the Wuhan to Ohio program since its inception in 2008 and have been at OSU since 2006, so if you have any questions regarding the summer program or OSU, I am more than happy to answer them. I am excited to meet each and everyone of you, and I hope you are excited to meet me as well.

Just a little background on me, I was born at the Ohio State University Medical Center, so I am an ABC (American Born Chinese).  I do speak mandarin (somewhat fluently) but during program events I will restrict myself to English.   It is currently my 6th year at OSU and am an undergraduate student majoring in Aviation Engineering.  I work a part-time job as a server at an American restaurant called Bob Evans.  
Outside of work and school, I really enjoy hip hop culture; the clothes, the music, the dance moves.  You will undoubtedly see several of my 42 hats during your visit.  I am also an amateur dancer.

Every year I look forward to July because I get to meet new friends and have amazing adventures. This year is no different as there are many activities on our schedule that I look forward to. The one I am most excited for is the SGO for dance! This will be my debut as a "teacher" for the program. Hope you can join me.

Can't wait to meet each and everyone of you, and one last time, Welcome to Ohio!

-Hans Li

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