Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random thoughts in zoo

I can't imagine that someone has never been to the zoo when he or she is a children.Zoo is a wonderful place for people to realize the power of nature and the truth of live.Besides,you can feel how small we are and read a vivid book without word about the significance of environmental protection,the equality of all living creature.Although there is no doubt that most of animals in the zoo are similar as the domestic, I still find some variety animals,such as flamingo,bald eagle,bison,otter.I realized the difficult symbol of cultures and their inside.However what shocked me most is even so small city which still have zoo and aquarium,therefore I dream one day our country would have basical facilities such like ,zoo and international restaurants,no matter how small city or countryside it is in near future.That's all,is there anybody will upload some pictures today?

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