Sunday, July 15, 2012

The greetings from Professor Hancock and some observations about Amish culture

I have written a personal statement and sent it to Professor Hancock.He replied me and gave many suggestions on my draft personal statement .
Also,he wrote that " Please express my warm greetings to everyone in the summer program as you prepare to return home, especially your Wuhan teachers for a safe and happy journey back home. Zai jian."That was really nice.So i decided to post it on the  blog to make sure the greetings are sent to everyone.
Yesterday,we went to the Amish Country and had a great time there.The animal below is called "Yangtuo" in Chinese.I don't know what it is called in English.I think it is a dorable animal because it always wears a naive and peaceful face.It is so lucky that i can see it in Amish Country.
The faith of Amish people impressed me a lot.They refused to use electrocity and any other modern facilities.They would rather spend more time hanging out with families than surf the Internet and make the phone call.They attach more importance to the face-to-face communication with people.It may be hard for young generations .As a result, about twenty percent of the youth chose the modern life style instead of the conservative life style.Even thouth,they show respect for different faith .They encourage people to believe in their religion.Meanwhile,they can understand the different choices.Their culture is compatible .I think that is the reason why Amish culture can exist so long .

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