Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Survey Day Team California --- A Busy Schoolday With Totally Suprise

On July 7th we went to interview local people to find out something about American culture. Our group has four members: Amy, Bob, Neo and me. We went to Engineering and science library, where we asked questions to an American-Born Chinese and a black man. The “ABC” was a high school student who was studying math in the library. He was confident about himself, since when Boby(maybe Bob…..and he do not know his English name exactly) asked if he was the most talented student in the school, he immediately admitted. It is a little different from occasions in China. Modest are considered as a matter of courtesy there and most people take it for granted that one shouldn’t regard himself as the best. But I really appreciate his action because he gave the opinion directly. As for Chinese culture, he was interested in Chinese high school study. We shared our experience with him and found out students in America have a shorter required study time.
The second person we interviewed was a black man named Mark. He was working then to persuade people to denote blood. What impressed me the most was his favorite thing to do in Columbus. He said he made a TV show about ethnic handcrafts, which was made by people from a variety of countries, such as India and Africa. I thought his work was attractive, since cultural diversity was likely to be displayed in this form.
When Bob Yuan asked about the reason why Africa is the best place he has ever been. The black old man said in complex emotion. “All the reason I love there is just because I feel I am one of them, we are the same people ,no differences between us. We, the Blacks , are always brothers’  the words from the Oldman surprised me . I even thought the Race discrimination had been solved in the modern American society ,or it was no longer a big problem for people who were living in Columbus. but obviously ,I was wrong.
Although temperature was high and the sun always burnt, we were delightful to communicate with native Americans. People we met were friendly and cooperative. They provided me with another angle to view ourselves and we got a better understanding of the natives.

Origin: Laura
Revision: Bob Yuan

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