Sunday, July 8, 2012

┢┦aΡpy The Gallery Hop

Yesterday evening,part of students attended their first SGO. We visited  a long street with many shops selling works of art, decorations,food and so on.I met a interesting black man who put some portraits on the ground.There was a portrait of Michael Jackson attracting my attention, he asked "where are you from?","from China" I answered. Then, he became very exciting,he told me that he knew something about Chairman MAO and our 'TAI JI QUAN'. The most surprising thing was that he could speak a little Chinese.

 I like music very much, several groups of people were playing music there, they sang nice songs. The deepest impression was a band, it reminded me of my favorite HONG KONG band called 'Beyond',I worship their music spirit of never deathless,the same as my pursue.

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