Friday, July 13, 2012

the Ohio Historical Society Museum

Today is the SGO’s day! There were five small group activities today and I am lucky to participate two of them. On the morning, I went to the Bexley Elementary and High school with some of us. The school is very lovely and the principal was very kind. In the afternoon I went to the Ohio Historical Society Museum, which contains lots of funny things.

I want to talk about something about the Ohio Historical Society Museum because it was so nice that make me feel like our museums in China should really make some improvement.

First of all, there’s a shelf beside the door where contains many reading materials. So when people enter into the museum they can find out information about the museum and the exhibition immediately.

Secondly, the Ohio Historical Society Museum has many small screens and when you push the button below, the short video will be played and you can get information without bothering others. I know there are some museums have similar systems, but most of them still rely on guiders to introduce the museum and give out information. This is not efficient at all because the guiders have to repeat same words day by day, which makes their job bored. And visitors can not explore their own way to tour because they may not get enough information without guiders.

And the last one, which is also the most impressing one, is about the village. The Ohio Historical Society Museum built up a village to tell people how’s it like to live in the 19th century! That is tremendous because this village is consisted of real functional buildings and people can walk into the rooms and sit on the chairs and imagine the life of their ancestors. Rick told me that to build a village like had took six or seven years and cost a lot of money. But I think it’s worthy because of the educational meaning. If this village did not exist, then I may not learn so much about people’s life back in 19th century. But now, I may never forget the village which show me how living is in earlier time for Americans.

Thanks for taking us to the museum! It’s a very nice experience.
Here's some pictures about the village.

This is the Ohio Village School.

What surprised me is that there's a small black board on every desk and some of them contains words, as if students have just finished their class.

These two are some inside stuffs in the Female Seminary. I met a lovely girl who dressed like a lady in old time. She told me that this is a school for girls who were born in wealth families. They came here to study how to be a real lady and eventually, became  good wives.
 Learn something everyday!

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