Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let the world company us.

    We walked briskly in the night,with night's cloak to help us fly.We were singing an old song named <When> and there are words:Let the world company us,live chic and alive.

Thinking of the passed week,I feel that we have had a wonderful memory to store in our heads.
On our 2nd day,we spent a whole afternoon to play a map game.Our No.2 team started to look for 4 places in OSU.Although the sun is hot,we kept going and we saw a lot of wonderful things.First,the Orton Hall for geology amazed us!It has a giant sloth skeleton,which is the giantest skeleton I have ever seen.

After the Orton hall we went to the Mirror Lake.It is much more beautiful than the one in Wuhan University because the water is clean and there are teals everywhere.Man and nature live in harmony here.By the lake side,we felt refreshed.

I must talked about the American food!Before I come to USA,I thought I was in love with American food.But when I am here,I find that I am wrong.Some taste good but I still miss the food in my hometown!The photo below shows a sumptuous dinner.The pizzas really taste yummy!

We have decided to make a small video about these days Wuhanese in Ohio because we are so happy with our friends these days.There always are laughters and humors and we are very glad to have these good guys to spend youth together.

Just like the song in <Princess Pearl>:Let the world company us.

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