Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chinese hold the opinion that “To the people foodstuff is all-important”, the first thing we should deal with is how to be adapted to the food here, When we come to the U.S.
We have been to Ohio for about one weekduring this time all of us have tried different kinds of food ,like pasta, enchilada,Greek food outside the university.
The restaurant in school canteen usually served for local food , maybe some of us have not adapted to eating ,it is very hard for me to eat too much cold food at breakfast, we have found out that when we come to the door there are some hot or warm food. I think eating hot and warm food is good for our stomach, they are more delicious as well.
After eating too much food ,I also miss Chinese food very much , we have tried some Chinese food restaurant here.
Do you remember the Chinese restaurant we go to recently? Nearby that restaurant is a Yankeefied Chinese restaurant called PANDA EXPERSS, that is a fast food restaurant
like “ dong fang ji bai”, and NO.1Chinese food is also very good ,but local people told us maybe it is not very dirty ?
I am a person who love eating , if someone find out some delicious food ,please share the food you discovered with us ,thank you very much!

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