Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Summary Of The Last Few Days

We have got to America for a week, and I want to share with you some the deepest impression of me.
When we arrived America , I was attracted by it’s tidy streets. Although there were many cars on the road, everyone obeyed traffic rule, they made the traffic very orderly. As we all known, NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world as Beijing, but Beijing is a famous crowded city while NYC is quite smooth. On one hand, population is a reason; on the other hand, the degree of civilization is a more important reason. Secondly, we had a visit to the City Hall and State House yesterday. In The United State, people have freedom and democracy on the foundation of the separation of the three powers—Legislative, Judiciary and Executive, They also have right to visit government office building, it all indicates that politics is transparent in America, everyone can participate in the national development. As Tocqueville who is a famous sociologist said: The government which issues orders in the name of people is the most difficult to resist.
Everything is great in America except for zoo, in a word, I think Columbus zoo should have treated some animals according to their habits. Ohio has very high temperature in summer, and the sun is strong at most of the time. But polar bears and penguins are exposed on the outside instead of in the enclosed space with air-condition, it is too hot and not suitable to their survival. Of course, I just stand in a non professional perspective.
In these days, I have gained a lot of information and knowledge, and I expect there are more and more interesting things appear in the next days.
(I can’t upload photos because of some wrong of my Internet or computer)

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