Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elsa's first blog in WTOSP

Hi,I am Elsa .I really enjoy these days in OSU.I am also honoured to meet you guys here.
It is a great opportunity to understand American culture.There are many impressive experiences here . Today we had a  visit to Ohio State House.Not only I am amazed at the beautiful architecture and delicate artworks in there,but also i have gained an understanding of the politic culture in the US..Walking along the street ,i saw volunteers promoting for their candidates and sending pamphlets .So i wonder if young generations are willing to participate in the voting.So i asked
 Mr Dorrian about this question .The answer is yes.I think it is quite different from China where youth are seldom get involved in politic.Anthor thing i noticed is that there is a microphone on each table in the conference room at Ohio State House.I suppose it indicates that everyone has a say in the issue discussed.It is very wise for the government to respect for the voice from citizens.
Thanks for Mike,Hans,Rick ,Brieanne ,Susy and Ming fang .You have brought us the best memories in the US.

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