Thursday, July 12, 2012

what is freedom

Today we've got to the Freedom Center.The Freedom Center is a place about the slaves. We've heard a lot of sad stories about the slaves. The slaves are abused terribly in the dark age, which enforces me thinking about the word of freedom.
Let's see the world in an eye of the slave owners. According to the introduction, i just think the owners treated the slaves just as how we treat animals. The slaves had no freedom,no human rights that time.
It's natural for us to think about how the world will be. We gave slaves human rights,   and slaves,which was just like animals that time, became a real person. So what will the animals be in the near future? We do have some organizations focusing on animal rights. They object to eat cats,dogs and make experiences on them. Will they get the equal rights as the human now? Or how can we tell the difference between animals and human?
Actually freedom is such a big word. We have a lot to do with it. What is freedom? How can we get freedom? How can get freedom as well as justice? Who should be freedom? There are so many problems to solve, and today is a really educational trip.

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