Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lawyer's visit to the City Hall of Columbus

  Today we visited the City Hall of Columbus located in the downtown of the city.As a student in the law school of Wuhan University,I have a strong desire to have a look at what the government functions and what the government is like.An old gentleman,who has been an auditor for decades,gave us a warm welcome.what's more,a special course was given by him,making us understand the regime of United States.He talked a lot,and lots of examples and data were used to explain his argument.Also he answered our questions very kindly.Generally speaking,there are two points which impress me a lot.
  First,I found that the definition of government in U.S.A. was a bit different from that in China,where government is normally equal to administration,while according to the description of the auditor,government is considered as a combination of judiciary,executive and legislative.
  Second,a sentence which were emphasized again and again by the auditor,said this is not perfect,but it is the best we can do.As we know,Chinese regime is quite different from that of United States,but you cannot make a conclusion that Chinese style is better or worse,cause each regime has its advantages and disadvantages,and there is always enough room to be improved.What makes me feel a little disappointed,most U.S.A officials realize that fact but majority Chinese do not think so.I hope that one day Chinese citizens will be aware of that,too!

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