Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's really a pleasure to share sth here. On the first day we came OSU, we got the chance to go to the firework gathering. I was always looking forward gatherings like this because I hadn't experienced it before. And the atmosphere was great!

These days we are shown the campus of OSU.The RPEC,which impresses us deeply,is beyond imagination.No one can refuse it! Another building hits me is the library. It's grand and gorgeous!

In fact, we've been doing a survey for several days here.In the process I got in touch with many different people.I've doubted whether it was convenient for them to fill the questionnaire,but it turned out to be smooth since they were really friendly.

What's more, we've visited Columbus zoo.The polar bear was so cute!

It's time for dinner~ see u next time~Wish we could have great time!

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