Friday, July 13, 2012

Campus Information Hunt Team 8

   This was the first class we took in WPOSP.I should say that it was an interesting class and very useful as well.Unlukily,we just finished one of our tasks,but we surely found something interesting while we were hunting the information.
   Our task was Science and Engineering Library.Actually it was easy to know how to get there from the map,but it was difficult to get into the library for the library was being built at that time.Luckily,we found a man sat on the stone chair in front of the library reading newspaper,and asked him for help.When we entered the library,we got what we needed directly from the girl standing at the counter.She answered our question friendly.Then as we were all interested in the digital union which was on the third floor so we went upstairs.In the digital union,we found a girl working with her computer.We asked her why it was called digital union,cause we were all curious about that.But she missed our question and thought we were asking the way to Student Union.She was very enthusiastic a nd led us to the first floor showing the way to the Student Union.She even drew the way on our map.Though it wasn't our task,but thank you very much.
   Our second task was OIA.On the way to get there,we asked passerby how to get there ,and we added extra questions which we all wanted to know their opinions.For example,which one do you like best,James or Kobe.Well ,of course ,they gave us different answers.A family from Texas even talked a lot about football,interesting wasn't it?We don't see football games frequently in China.
Though we didn't have enough time to visit the OIA,we learned a lot from our wonderful exploration.

Group member:Sophie Liu,Chaomeng Lin,Zheng Xu,Tianyu Lei

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