Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Belated self introduction by Bob Yuan~~~~~~~

 My name is Yuan Chao,and you can call me Bob as my English name. I am enjoy my compus life in
the medical college of WHU majoring in Medical Lab.science & Diagnose Technology.In my childhood ,I dreamed about being an Artist some day, but as you can see it now, my major may has nothing to do with Arts. in a sense, to be a physiologist maybe just fine!
I am lucky to be here here with all of you,humbled by the challenge and so many things waiting for us.what bothers me most is my POOR SPOKEN ENGLISH.....I've got to be terribly nervous when talking to people in English。I‘d like to say in Columbus ,which is a vibrant city,full of excitement and culture atmosphere, I will make great progress and experience a different type of schooldays as well.hahahaaa~~~

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