Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i'd like to send some picture of shanghai

when i got home i found it was hard to get access to google blog...
however i found some method to solve the problem and shared it with our teammates
and this time i'd like to send some pictures of shanghai. i hope Mike and other friends of us can see them
the night view of shanghai is very wonderful...however my cell phone can't take  clear pictures..
i sent the pictures to http://www.tripntale.com and linked the picture here
because of some technical reason i have to do so...


it start from... a ... goose。。。
i found the goose in front of a restaurant...( i hope the picture will work)

here is some pictures i took in The Band
there are many buildings like the American ones
these pictures are near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, it was the landmark of Shanghai

in this picture, there is a building looked like a bottle opener, which has a rectangle space on the top part of building, it's the tallest building now in shanghai named Shanghai World Financial Center

this building named Asia Mansion,it's an old building

here is Nanjing Pedestrian Road it's a paradise for shopping if you don't care about the money thing

actually there are a lot of other places in Shanghai but i haven't taken photos ...i will share them sometime later


  1. Great! The pictures are visible now.

  2. Delicious goose it can be

    ...maybe you don't need to link the pictures from another website

    chrome with GoAgent always works well.....

    VPN for free?

    come on! forget about that

    1. =。=i don't konw about it...my VPN has upload limitation...i will try it later...